When The Nazis Ran Hollywood

Steve Sailer writes: “While Jason Bateman’s Ozark on Netflix is modeled in part on Breaking Bad, The Last Tycoon, Amazon’s golden age of Hollywood drama series based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s incomplete roman a clef novel about the MGM executive suite struggle between golden boy Irving Thalberg and his boss Louis B. Mayer, is inspired by Mad Men. The goal is to allow audiences to wallow in glittering Period Porn while cluck-clucking self-righteously about how the Nazis ran America back then.

Matt Bomer plays the hero, while Kelsey Grammer is bad guy Pat Brady, based on Louis B. Mayer if Louis B. Mayer had talked like Sideshow Bob.

The hero is depicted as a rare Jewish underdog in 1936 Hollywood, a time when, we learn, the Third Reich pulled the strings inside Hollywood studios.

Or at least that was what I saw in the first 20 minutes of the pilot before giving up. This one is really bad.”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* It must feel weird to be Jews in Hollywood.

If US were all Jewish and if Jews made movies for Jews, they would make honest movies about how things were and what they feel.

But Jews make movies for what is mostly a goy audience, so they are more mindful of the movies’ effect on the audience than on the movies themselves.

It’s like Jewish media for Jews in Israel is more honest. Fewer filters and condescension. In contrast, US news is always filtered through Jewish consideration of what WE should watch and should think.
Jews in Israel can’t get the ‘wrong idea’ since, no matter what happens, Israel will be about Jews for Jewish nation.
But in the US, what if goyim get the ‘wrong idea’ from the news and do stuff that Jews don’t like… like going populist and voting for Trump and noticing that Antifanissary attacked first?

So, there is fear, paranoia, propaganda, condescension, and anxiety running through all of Hollywood. This tension sort of makes things more interesting… even esoteric. Sometimes, this game of deception can make the work even more interesting. But sometimes, it can make things just STUPID, a dumb mind trick.

Imagine if a Christian minority had to produce books, movies, culture, and news for what is an overwhelmingly Muslim audience. They want to make profit and give Muslims what they want but what if Muslims think or do things that go against Christian interest? So, Christians must always distort things to make Muslims feel obedient or deferential to the Christians. A tightrope game.
Always, Christians would be more concerned about the effect than being honest. After all, what if Christians make honest movies that reveal how they feel about Christians or how they love having control over Muslims dummies. Muslims might wake up.

In China, there is censorship, but it’s about Chinese making stuff for Chinese. So, there is at least directness and connection between makers and consumers on that level.
In the US, so much of media are made by Jews for gentiles whom many Jews regard with fear, anxiety, and/or condescension.

* Should there be a revisionist reassessment of MadMen? I thought Draper & Company were settled science. It was a time when Jews were kept in their place, White men were expected to dress well, step up to the plate and they routinely built and did great things. It was also a time when women were women and homos, trannies and other mostly non-existent freaks that are so common today were parked in the closet where they belonged. Of course, then came the late Sixties and greatness ended.

* Ethno-monopoly of internet leads to Nakba-ing of Alternative Right by Nowicki and Liddell.

* If Nazis were running Hollywood, you’d think there would have been at least one pro-nazi movie in the 30s. Even vaguely so. There were plenty of pro-commie movies.

If America truly was a free country, with true freedom of speech, you might have expected that there would be at least one anti-war movie made after between 1939 and 1945. One, right? I can’t think of any. Can anyone?

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