Harpers: ‘The Rise of the Valkyries: In the alt-right, women are the future, and the problem’

The piece is by Seyward Darby, who’s cute, smart and accomplished.

A motley coalition of online provocateurs, the alt-right opposes political correctness and multiculturalism. Many of its supporters rhapsodize about the eventual creation of white ethnostates in Europe and North America. The group is the offspring of various extremist ideologies — the European New Right, identitarianism, paleoconservatism, and Nazism, to name a few.

The United States thought of itself as an explicitly white nation for hundreds of years (until about 1965). But noting that the founders of our country were race-realists intent on developing a white nation is contrary to the zeitgeist, so Darby labels the thinking that was mainstream in America for hundreds of years prior to 1965 as “extremist” and partly derived from “Nazism.” Nazism, in fact, is partly derived from America’s racial policies. Hitler admired America’s ruthless expansion and he also respected Australia’s “White Australia” policy.

“Lokteff was the conference’s only female speaker — perhaps because the alt-right has certain ideas about how women should behave.”

Is there any civilization that does not have ideas about how men and women should behave? Does the alt-right only have ideas for how women should behave but does not care how men behave?

Another presenter, Matt Forney, a fleshy, goateed blogger in his twenties, once wrote a screed called “The Case Against Female Self-esteem.”

If you don’t like an essay, call it a “screed.”

“Paul Ramsey, who appeared at the event to decry a purported scourge of left-wing violence in America…”

So there hasn’t been a Ferguson Effect? There haven’t been a string of hate hoaxes preoccupying media attention?

“Other soldiers in the alt-right’s fractious army regularly insult women on digital platforms such as Twitter, 4chan, and Reddit.”

And they don’t just as often insult men?

“Despite the vitriol she faces from ostensible ideological allies…”

Is there any significant person who does not face vitriol from ostensible ideological allies? Or is this limited to women?

“Red Ice is a slick propaganda platform for white nationalists.”

And Harpers is a propaganda platform for its crowd. And Tabletmag.com is a propaganda platform for its crowd. And the New York Times is a propaganda platform for its crowd.

I know a lot of Jews who are not white nationalists who find thoughtful material on Red Ice. I think any fair-minded person will find thoughtful material there (along with plenty of absurd material).

“Lately, Lokteff has been using Red Ice to amplify the voices of self-made female pundits.”

Which pundits are not self-made? Is not Seyward Darby self-made?

They also embody a glaring contradiction: By supporting the alt-right, they stand shoulder to shoulder with men who think that female independence has undermined Western civilization.

Why is that a contradiction? Most women will only respect and possibly marry a guy who’s willing to stand up to her and save her from her worst impulses? Most women want a guy who wants to take charge of protecting and providing for her.

“As the alt-right creeps out of the digital shadows and strives for civic legitimacy…”

Much of what is now considered alt-right was considered normal and healthy prior to 1960 in the West.

“these female commentators are trying to temper the movement’s misogynist reputation.”

I don’t think they care that much about lefty accusations of misogyny. I think they care about certain things, just as men care about certain things. We all hold some things sacred.

“No movement can survive on men alone.”

The armed forces were doing pretty well before women got in.

“…the intellectual contortions women must perform to justify participating in a movement so hostile to their freedom.”

I would think that freedom to walk down the street without being raped and robbed is an important freedom that the alt right endorses. The alt right seeks about the same amount of freedom for men and women as does any other ideology. Different ideologies pursue different types of freedom.

“According to Keegan Hankes, a researcher at the Southern Poverty Law Center (S.P.L.C.), the alt-right is only superficially heterogeneous.”

And we should listen to the Southern Poverty Law Center why?

“The alt-right derives from the same impulses that have launched other white extremist groups…”

Such as the United States of America? Such as Australia? Such as Canada? Were all these explicitly white societies prior to the 1960s extremist? In 1950, London and Australia were about 99% white. Was that extremist?

“…the S.P.L.C. designates various entities in the alt-right as hate groups…”

Are Jews a hate group? Is the Torah a hate document? How is the genocide commanded in the Torah not hate? Are Christians a hate group? They hold the Torah as holy and sacred and divine.

“What sets it apart,” according to George Hawley, the author of the forthcoming Making Sense of the Alt-Right, “is the ability to troll itself into the conversation.”

That’s a good line but trolling only works when it is underlain by truth.

“The digital netherworld, however, is also a haven for hate speech.”

What is hate speech? By what definition of hate speech is the Bible not hate speech? I’d love to see that.

“Her guests toe the alt-right’s party line on gender, which mimics that of fascist and white-power movements of the twentieth century…”

Which alt-right beliefs about gender are different from what was considered normal and healthy prior to the 1960s?

“By design, the sexes are not equal, physically or otherwise, but they are complementary and equally important.”

That was the normal belief in the West prior to the 1960s. How is it misogynist? In this sentence, the author admits that the alt-right believes that men and women are equally important but that they have different roles. If you look at America in 2017, you will see that generally speaking, men and women have different roles. It sounds like the alt right is grounded in reality and biology.

“Every single culture in existence has resisted diversity by means of killing each other, segregating against one another, and saying it was even immoral to even be around one another,” Faucheux said in defense of books with only white characters. “Taking comfort in one’s own ethnic group or race is not racist.”

That sounds right to me. Animals are the same way.

“The group also chastised feminists for being conformists.”

Most women tend to prefer conformity. They’re afraid to stand out and to publicly hold unpopular opinions.

“White nationalists almost never explain how they would create pure ethnostates.”

Not true. Just as a change in immigration policies brought non-whites into our countries, a reversal of these policies could expel them. It’s not that complicated.

“Whites, generally speaking, are the richest and safest population in America, with twelve times the wealth of African Americans and a lower crime rate than most racial groups. ”

Whites are not as rich and safe as Jews and asians in America and whites also have a higher crime rate than Jews and asians. Facts are so inconvenient to liberals like Seyward Darby.

“There is a long legacy of pro-white extremists trying to create illusions of normalcy.”

England, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand all saw themselves as white countries prior to the 1960s. They were also pretty normal. How exactly were they extreme?

Kathleen Blee, a sociology professor at the University of Pittsburgh, wrote in her book Inside Organized Racism that “much about racist groups appears disturbingly ordinary, especially their evocation of community, family, and social ties.” In a two-year study of thirty-four women across the United States, Blee found that her subjects, many of whom were educated and held good jobs, were “responsible for socializing their children into racial and religious bigotry.”

Most people normally and naturally develop to prefer their own kind and to fear that which is different. Anglo-Saxons are the least ethnocentric of any group but they still have some of these tendencies.

“Women have always been part of white extremist groups.”

Yeah, extremist groups like pre-1960s America, Canada, England and Australia.

Tyler told them to recruit friends, to use churches as staging grounds, and to cast local minorities — blacks, Jews, Catholics, immigrants — as enemies.

Because without Tyler telling them, no white American would have ever regarded blacks, Jews, Catholics and immigrants as enemies because all of these groups have identical interests and no conflicts with white America except when it is artificially ginned up by people like Tyler. Sad!

“Big,” in the context of the alt-right, can mean controversial, profane, or outright hateful.

So “Big” in other political contexts never means controversial, profane, or outright hateful? How is the alt right any more hateful than any other politics?

“It tends toward the extreme…”

So other politics don’t tend to the extreme?

Lokteff and Palmgren were formal but cordial, to me and to each other. Before I flew to Charleston, Lokteff had offered to pick me up from the airport; I’d declined. Palmgren apologized for interrupting us when he brought Lokteff a glass of water. Their ordinary behavior was hard to square with their rhetoric.

Only if you’re a snowflake.

I had listened to Lokteff’s June 2016 appearance on David Duke’s radio show, in which she’d agreed that Jews were “parasites” against whom white people “need to inoculate ourselves.

Every group in certain circumstances acts in a parasitic manner against other groups. Orthodox Jews, for example, don’t send their kids to public schools and yet they pay more taxes than the average goy and commit fewer crimes. They might have reason to regard goyim as parasites on them.

“Her responses were as mystifying as the phenomenon of the alt-right itself.”

Only mystifying to snowflakes. The red-pilled understand. There are some mysteries that are only available to those in the dance.

You can’t expect anyone to understand a concept when their livelihood, friendships and status depend upon them not understanding. Let us suppose that the author understood her subject. That she’d never again be able to publish in Harpers and the like and she’d lose many of her friends.

I find most political ideologies easy to understand. Once you identify the premises, everything follows.

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