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Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Let’s review what we can call The VDARE Pro-WASP crowd wants us to not know. The crystallization of what an American later labelled WASP culture came with the rise of the Puritans to revolutionary dismantling of what little remained of pre-Reformation English ways of seeing the world (Tolkien’s Little England is a way to express those cultural values). The quintessential Father of WASP culture is thus Oliver Cromwell. VDARE-lovers know that. Over the years, VDARE has posted many articles praising Cromwell and the Puritans more generally. At times that praise has been quite specific: Cromwell was great because he delighted in slaughtering white natives of the British Isles that he and the WASPs deemed to be inferior.

So how would Oliver Cromwell view this situation under discusstion, which is the same as asking: what will the truest WASPs think about this?

The answer is very simple: Cromwell went to bed with Jews, taking their loans and inviting them back into England, while he also saw the Irish especially (and a clear majority of British isles natives more generally) as inherently inferior and worthy only to slaughter and remover from their lands.

WASP culture was born of a Judaizing heresy. WASP culture has always been pro-Jewish and violently, culturally-genocidally anti-all whites who are NOT WASPs.

So. old Ollie Cromwell, Godfather of WASPs, would say: WASPs, the true blue WASPs, always promote Jews and despise the Irish as grossly, insufferably, inferior.

* I always found Kevin Myers to be a very clear-eyed writer with a lapidary ability to it to the heart of the matter he had under consideration. His clearly expressed disgust with the murderers on both sides of the sectarian divide as well as their enablers in the involved governments was rooted in his experience as a reporter during the very early days of the “Troubles.”
He was one of my first discoveries on the internet, along with Steve and John Derbyshire.
It’s as good an indicator as any of the rot in our society when honorable men can’t make honest observations in public without being driven from the square. What possible good does it do to drive all of this underground?

* All that Kevin Myers did was present for a goyim audience information that was lauded earlier in the Jewish media, namely the Jewish Chronicle.

When the BBC reported on its list of highest-paid broadcasters on its News at Ten last night, it said there was no one from an ethnic background in the top 20.

Which was wrong (well, wrong depending on your definition of ethnic minority). For the top 20 included two Jewish women – Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz.


Legally, however, Jews are clearly an ethnic, as well as religious minority, since they are protected under the Race Relations Act (as are Sikhs).

Lets face it, a major part of Alt-Right media whether it is Steve Sailer, VDARE, The Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, or for that matter, yes, David Duke is simply the rehashing of information that appears right out in the open in the Jewish media daily. And when you really make the effort to uncover the kryptos (AKA the Jon Stewarts, A. O. Scotts etc etc), what media today is not Jewish?

And if it is not outright Jewish, it’s otherwise pathetic Shabbos Goys trying not to run afoul of their Jewish masters. Of which the other 99.9% of Greg Easterbrook’s career working for Michael Kinsley and his boss Marty Peretz at The New Republic is a prime example. 90% of what the Alt-Right does is ever so slightly reframe previously published by Jews for Jews material for the goyim to notice what is going on.

This entire episode is simple another case of a goyim letting the other goyim know what the Jews are already talking about among themselves.

For example whole affair was well covered by TheDailyStormer early this morning. And while I know many of us boomer generation Alt-Righters here would claim to turn up their noses at The Stormer it is hard to believe that much of Steve’s audience is not reading it as well. Including Steve? I am sure the Stormer kids and certainly its staff are reading Sailer as well.

As Lee Rogers at TheDailyStormer put it

Apparently it is OK for a Jew to talk to other Jews about such things but not for a non-Jew to do it.

Oh well. This is just another case of Jewish privilege. If somebody says something that you feel leads to too much goyim knowing, you can just call up and get them fired. You can also get a gushing apology.

* I’m a bit surprised he was allowed to write as long as he was based on his history.

At this rate none of us will have a job for crime think. Nicholas Wade, James Watson and Jadon Richeine all had great contributions to make.

White Gentile leaders just sitting back and letting this happen. We let it happen with the Muslim, Mexicans, feminists and sodomites.

Our leaders ceded every institution and our land to foreigners who will never return the favor. We can’t really blame the Jews if our own treacherous people just handed every single thing of value over.

* Well that’s the jewish question isn’t it, are jews working as a group for jewish interests consciously or unconsciously, and are those interests counter to our interests. For thousands of years they have eschewed holding their own nations in favor of living in other while managing to not assimilate yet always end up with disproportionate power and wealth making them an unassimilated alien part of the ruling elite of nations throughout the world and time. A ruling elite with interests of their own not of their co nationals. Eventually this becomes intolerable and they are asked to leave, expelled, or murdered. And they despite their high intelligence they never seem to figure out what it is that causes this animosity and instead claim its just this mysterious hatred everyone in the world has for them. dominant economic minorities are not an exclusively jewish phenomenon and they whatever their race end up having the same fate. Jews however tend to amplify the problem by not being satisfied with economic dominance and using their talents to gain political cultural power in hopes of forestalling their tenure. This cultural destruction seems to engender particularly bitter reprisals eventually.

* But the Zionists did figure this out and decided that in order to end it the Jews had to get their own country (back on the territory they originally came from and which was taken from them by the Romans) where they could only oppress each other and not be accused of oppressing the goyim, and when they got it, people told them that they were racist oppressors and colonialists and were occupying the territory illegally and should go back to where they came from. When my father was growing up in Poland, he often heard the slogan “Jews to Palestine!” from the (numerous) local anti-Semites but now I hear “Jews out of Palestine” instead. From this you might infer that some people would prefer that the Jews should simply not exist anywhere, period.

* He’s saying that men get paid more because they tend to work harder, be better negotiators, and take less time off. With the Jewish women he mentioned, I believe his point is that they were better negotiators. Now have you ever had to negotiate with Jews? I have and the stereotype tends to be true.

* Jewish writers overwhelmingly disapprove of President Trump. But it is Jewish billionaires and Jewish media oligarchs who decide who gets to write or opine in the corporate propaganda apparatus. Mark Zuckerberg, the Redstone gang, The Roberts gang, Mike Bloomberg and other Jewish billionaires are the ones who continually use their media power to attack the European Christian ancestral core of the United States.

White Core Americans are under attack from a hostile ruling class that wants to demographically replace them in their own nation. Both the Republican Party and Democrat Party are firmly under the control of a Deep State ruling class that protects and empowers the hostile Jewish element that controls the media.

The Jewish question is an 800 pound gorilla that is never talked about in most European Christian nations such as the United States, England, Germany or others. The Jewish question is a legitimate topic of political discourse and it must be honestly talked about. Jewish billionaires are using their money and media power to stifle talk about vital subjects that impact the future of European Christian nations.

It is now time to honestly talk about why the corporate propaganda apparatus is controlled by Jewish billionaires who have a deep and abiding hatred of the European Christian ancestral core of the United States.

* But the Zionists did figure this out and decided that in order to end it the Jews had to get their own country (back on the territory they originally came from and which was taken from them by the Romans) where they could only oppress each other and not be accused of oppressing the goyim, and when they got it, people told them that they were racist oppressors and colonialists and were occupying the territory illegally and should go back to where they came from. When my father was growing up in Poland, he often heard the slogan “Jews to Palestine!” from the (numerous) local anti-Semites but now I hear “Jews out of Palestine” instead. From this you might infer that some people would prefer that the Jews should simply not exist anywhere, period.

* The Jews who have disproportionate power in the corporate propaganda apparatus must become a political issue. It would be easy to tie the hostile Jews in the corporate media to the Black Lives Matter mob. The corporate media was cheerleading and covering up the misdeeds of the Black Lives Matter mob.

A political candidate would simply ask rhetorical questions about why certain events and trends are reported in the manner they are in the corporate media. A political candidate could also link together the disproportionate power of the Jews in the corporate media with the overwhelming support for the Democrat Party in the corporate media.

The Jerusalem Post says Jews contribute 50 percent of all loot for the Democrat Party.

The Jews who fund the Democrat Party want to see the United States flooded with Third Worlders. The Jews who fund the Democrat Party are using mass immigration as a demographic weapon to attack the European Christian ancestral core of the United States.

Shelly Adelson is a billionaire Jew who funds the politician whores in the Republican Party. Perhaps Adelson has bought the open borders mass immigration policy of the Republican Party in the same way that David Gelbaum bought the open borders mass immigration policy of the Sierra Club.

The Jew billionaires who have funded the Democrat Party for decades have now become a millstone around the neck of the Democrat Party. The Jew billionaires who control the Democrat Party thought that mass immigration had given them a demographic stranglehold on presidential politics in the United States. The Jew billionaires who control the Democrat Party were dead wrong.

White Core Americans are rejecting the anti-White Democrat Party in droves. White Core Americans understand that the Democrat Party is trying to inundate the United States with mass immigration. White Core Americans are wondering if they have anything in common with the politician whores in the Democrat Party who carry out the orders of billionaire Jew donors.

* The Jewish Council in Ireland has issued a statement defending Myers, which is interesting. Here in Europe, the general impression I get is that Jews are less susceptible to the type of anti-white gentile propaganda which dominates the upper echelons of American Jewry. I suppose that the reality that Muslims are the true source of danger to Jewish security in the 21st century is more difficult to ignore when one’s equivalent of Mexico is North Africa and the Middle East. My feeling on Myers is that the anti-Semitism trope is just a convenient excuse to continue the PC purge of Irish journalism and public life that has been happening since at least 2011. Of course, a major source of this intolerant attitude in Irish officialdom is an unconscious aping of positions that reflect the insecurities of American Jews born in the early to mid 20th century like George Soros. As is often the case, I’m left wondering what Mr. Netanyahu thinks.

* How long is it going to take you guys to figure out that Jews don’t like Jewish success to be mentioned except when it’s in the form of bragging?

It’s very simple. Just don’t mention it.

If you’d been subject to a hostile genocide recently, you wouldn’t want to be mentioned like that either.

And what the heck was the editor thinking that published that piece? Was he drunk? It was an obvious career ender on multiple levels.

* Joe Sobran: “Talking about American politics without mentioning the Jews is a little like talking about the NBA without mentioning the Chicago Bulls. Not that the Jews are all-powerful, let alone all bad. But they are successful, and therefore powerful enough: and their power is unique in being off-limits to normal criticism even when it’s highly visible. They themselves behave as if their success were a guilty secret, and they panic, and resort to accusations, as soon as the subject is raised. Jewish control of the major media in the media age makes the enforced silence both paradoxical and paralyzing. Survival in public life requires that you know all about it, but never refer to it. A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don’t respect their victimhood, they’ll destroy you. It’s a phenomenal display not of wickedness, really, but of fierce ethnocentrism, a sort of furtive racial superpatriotism.”

* Are white goys the New Jews? The evidence is accumulating.

Like Jews, white goys are identified as the root cause of all that is wrong with the country/world.

As happened to Jews, it has been decided that white goys cannot be trusted with their ill-gotten power and wealth and that it needs to be taken from them and handed to those more deserving.

Just as merely being Jewish placed one under a cloud of suspicion, merely being a white goy puts one at a disadvantage in any confrontation with a non-white or non-goy (it being assumed that a white goy’s necessarily limited perspective on any issue renders him incapable of properly understanding it).

Jewish physicists saw their work disparaged as “Jewish physics.” White goys likewise see their work discredited as “white science,” alleged to stubbornly reject input from non-whites, females, and homosexuals.

Jews were considered an undesirable presence and emigration policy was designed to ensure rid the country of them. White goys are considered an undesirable presence and immigration policy is designed to rid the country of them.

It was possible to be a “good Jew” – for a while. It’s possible to be a good white goy – for now.

* Kevin Myers is a very strong pubic supporter of Israel. Ironically.

This is significant in a country where many political operators and pundits have embraced the pc Palestinian cause.

Myers is not an anti-semite in any shape or form.

I think that may have something to do with the Jewish Council of Ireland coming out to support him.

* There’s an increasing gulf between what Jews with real skin in the civilisational game (i.e. ones imminently threatened by local Muslim populations such as those of Israel and, increasingly, Europe) believe and what sheltered American $PLC and Soros types do. It’s a sign of the times that Jews in France now vote for the FN whilst one of the UK’s most prominent immigration restrictionists, Philip Goodhart, is Jewish. By contrast, American Jews seem to be living in a Groundhog Day time loop where it’s always 1942.

* The eternal Jewish paranoia about being outed as Jews is quite breathtaking.

I remember reading Ivanhoe (written in the 19th Century) and the author, Walter Scott, noted that medieval Jews were forced to wear yellow clothing to identify themselves as Jews to others. (One of Scott’s minor goals in the book was to push for English society of his time to be more accepting of Jews/not out them)

So those of you who think the National Socialists came up with the idea about yellow stars have been misled.

Jews, of course, have rational reasons for such paranoia; when societies have identified them as not-of-the-local-nation, there have been exclusions and punishments and restrictions. But they also have rational selfish reasons for it: if their numbers are not noted by the goyim, then the ethnic networking they employ and their controls on the levers of power cannot be questioned as being contrary to the local people, as people are generally unaware that they are not of the local people.

* And yes, converting Jews does actually work for the cohesion of your society, which is why they dabbled in doing forcibly and/or the insane attempt to certify it as in the Inquisition. (By the way, Catholic Priests tended to rubber stamp the new converts as real, because they didn’t agree with force either.)

I’m there with you that force doesn’t work because it’s immoral, but the voluntary method is quite a rational thing. The Merchant of Venice is a story about redemption.

I agree that the Holocaust was also quite the thing, with Germany getting their comeuppance for it right now. However, easily as many Christians as Jews were killed during it, some of those Christians in defense of said Jews.

Again, no victim status here with me. If you don’t like being Jewish, if it’s a terrible burden, then Christianity welcomes you, forgives you ( a concept notably absent in Jewish culture) and lightens the load. You can blend in, if you want, and gain Heaven and the greatest achievement of the Jews all at once. Not a bad deal, really.

If it’s “letting the bastards win”, well, why do think it’s okay to take taxpayer money from Christians to support Israel? From what moral right do you ask anything of a Christian or Christian society? Why do belly ache about a victim status you clearly voluntarily embrace?

* But if Joseph didn’t tell the Pharaoh to store up grain reserves for the coming famine, the Egyptian people would have starved. Maybe in an ideal world the Pharaoh would have had 1st class Egyptian advisers givings him good advice, but lacking them, wasn’t he better off with a smart Jewish right hand man? What’s wrong with allowing talented outsiders to help you? What does this say for America, which has been relying on talented immigrants (including but by no means limited to Jews) since day 1?

The Nazis purged Jews from their elites and in their place they got drug addicts, gays, chicken farmers, frustrated artists, etc. who drove their nation into an abyss. The Soviets purged Jews and their economy stagnated to the point where they could no longer maintain an arms race. The Spanish purged their Jews and a little later England invited them in – the Spanish empire dwindled and the British empire spanned the globe. America won both WWII and the Cold War. So which is the better strategy?

* Joseph set himself set himself as the Pharoh’s tax farmer and got to the business of hoarding the produce of the land and then made a killing selling the peasants back their grain during the lean times. Every Egyptian was familiar with the cyclical nature of the Nile floods. The Pharoah’s problem was that he could not find a fellow Egyptian hateful, ruthless and diabolical enough to do what Joseph did that to his own people. “Intelligence” had nothing to do with it.

* No sane leader would have elevate Joseph, a stranger, a foreign prisoner accused of rape, they way that Pharaoh did, on the strength of one dream interpretation. There’s only one plausible motivation: crazy, entitled, and indifferent to the welfare of his court and people.

Egyptians were known for their inbreeding their Pharaohs to the extreme, so we have probable cause of crazy covered. Remember, also, how the butler and baker knew Joseph. An angry, erratic moment with the Pharaoh that landed them both in jail for the crime of: being a butler and a baker in the service of Pharaoh. That’s stellar moment of sanity right there.

Meanwhile, rationing food is hardly a genius brilliant idea that would require an outsider to mange. I’m sure the court was managing that to some extent already. It’s probable, though, that Pharaoh didn’t want to hear it from them and jumped at the chance to bring completely dependent, totally grateful outsider into the court. Joseph would be completely dependent on Pharaoh’s whims alone, while his court advisers would more naturally have all of Egypt in mind and at least attempt to push back.

So a Jew in a high place is exactly what I said it was: a symptom of elite collapse. It’s not that any particular Jew is better or smarter than the average bear, it’s just their ambition puts them in the right places for when things do start to collapse. They also appear to be relatively blind to motivations of outsiders, so when things are falling apart, they seem to lack to instinct to run for the hills.

The Jews were a part of how the Nazis came to power. The Weimar Republic is marked by a heavy Jewish cultural influence, which is why Hitler could even gain traction with his anti-semitic rallies. The chaos of 1920′s Germany cannot be understated. Also, it’s clear that pockets of European Jews have historically held grudges against their Christian neighbors, with German Jews being a quite large group of them. There have been moments in time were Jews have revealed all their fallen nature through extortion type usury on loans, etc.

Look what you said to me, even. “Letting the bastard win” and you’re atheist and we mostly agree otherwise. I’m okay with rejecting my discussion about Christianity, but was that a wise thing to say to a Christian? Was it respectful? Now carry that attitude back in time and you can see there’s a natural adversarial relationship unless both parties really work at. Jews are not naturally invested in other people’s societies and it makes perfect sense.

The Jews are special because they’re of God’s creation and have a special protection and relationship that I believe is real simply because I’m chatting with you. But it’s not because they do amazing things when in the positions they seem to historically covet so badly. They just shoot themselves and their host countries in the foot.

* The gentiles of England/Scotland might be the best gentiles in the world at winning Nobel Prizes and at founding important schools of thought (Darwinism, Keynesianism, etc.)

As I’ve pointed out, a lot of high intellectual culture in the late 20th Century, such as the writings of sports fan Stephen Jay Gould against EO Wilson, IQ testing, Galtonism, subverting Darwinism subtly, etc. consists of one side of the Finals of the World Intellectual Championship between the new dynasty, the Jews, versus the old dynasty, the Anglo-American WASPs, for the title of World Champion Smart Group. Gould and friends devoted a lot of effort to retconning the history of science before Jews were contributing much to make WASP achievers into Bad Guys.

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