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Libertarianism 2017!

Reason magazine editor Elizabeth Nolan Brown wants to ruin this young man’s life over a joke.

I pray there are no negative repercussions from this incident for either of them.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Anyone using social media must be aware that others such as the unReasonable people do not play by the same rules. Do not expect fair play or civil discourse. The Marquis of Queensbury was obviously part of the dreaded Patriarchy so his influences must be eliminated.

* Shouldn’t this be an example of Sailer’s first law of female professionals: They can’t stand criticism!

Or is it: They can be vicious when someone makes a silly remark they don’t like but they expect their mistakes to be instantly forgiven.

* Libertarianism is a Jewish ideological plot to atomize and destroy the European Christian ancestral core of the United States.

* Libertarians have always been heavy on the (selective) libertinism and rather light on the liberty. Someone once described them as “closeted homosexual pot smokers who like low taxes” and the type seems to have some truth in it. Their gambit is ratifying leftist social war victories (no matter the means or the implications for conflicting liberties) while not putting their shoulders behind the right’s push back against creeping left wing authoritarianism. They seem to get off on opportunities for finger-wagging to their right with “neener-neener, I told you so” (e.g., the bizarro-world where if government was never “in the marriage business” we wouldn’t be forcing pizza parlors to cater gay “weddings” at gun point).

* It’s remarkable how eager so many “libertarians” are to play the identity politics game, and most viciously, when it offends their own favored groups.

Cathy Young will be the first to call something “anti-Semitic” and “racist” when it suits her. This other woman at Reason is happy to sic her dogs on anyone who disrespects her “feminist” needs. I see also that Reason is seriously bent out of shape over Trump’s transgender ban.

How different are these people, really, from the PC left? How can they not see that their own behavior is just more of PC gone wild?

Frankly, as usual, these “libertarians” just give me the creeps. Like all ideologues, they lack entirely any sense of proportion.

* I saw this Twitter exchange too. I was appalled, thought about it for a minute, and decided that mob violence is intellectually consistent libertarianism, and continued to be appalled.

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