The U.S. Military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy

Dennis Prager tackled this topic in the second hour of his show. "There is no difference between a white human being and a black human being, but there is a difference between a homosexual or a heterosexual human being.

"The issue is sexual tension. The issue is sexual tension within a unit. Why do we not have men and women in the same barracks showering together? The issue is sexual tension.

"If you are a heterosexual naked man in your 20s and there are naked women showering next to you, it is inconceivable that you will not have some reaction. You are built to have some reaction to the unclothed female. We don’t have them together so we don’t introduce sexual tension into military life.

"If you are a gay man, the buff naked male in his 20s is going to cause sexual tension."

"Conservatives who think the current policy is stupid. What would they replace it with?"

Jimmy Crockett:
I say let the homosexuals have their own division in the military. I’m sure they would be thrilled. About as thrilled as the heterosexual men would be if they could share the
showers with the females.

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