Trump – Beyond Good & Evil

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Is Trump perhaps a vehicle of other-worldly forces quite beyond himself, a figure not really comprehensible in normal categories, given the degree of both good & evil in which he is involved?

* Well… perhaps encouraging “Trump Derangement Syndrome” actually serves Trump’s interest:

A) It distracts his enemies somewhat from attacking him on real substantive policy issues.

B) Any sane middle-of-the-road types can see that the Left is really jumping the shark on this Russia thing.

C) It makes Trump look like a sensible peace-loving fellow on the world scene.

D) The people who are really into TDS would always hater Trump in any case.

E) It encourages a lot of us who are sort of lukewarm on Trump to rally to his side simply because we so despise his crazy/corrupt enemies.

* Looks good to me. He’s clearly gearing up for a fight. Scaramucci is brilliant [American, not British English here]. Above all the Warsaw speech was everything we could have possibly asked for. The subsequent apparent support offered by Netanyahu and Marcon seem to indicate some sort of major deal opening the door for the full Trump foreign policy agenda. Fingers crossed.

* I am thrilled with Trump. He recently undid a Johnson era order restricting churches from commenting on politics. That’s something neither Bushs or Reagan did despite their support from Evangelicals. And it wasn’t even one of his campaign promises!

And, withdrawing funding for CIA activities in Syria – awesome! One step closer to getting out of that mess.

I realize that the wall isn’t built yet and he could screw everything up with an amnesty. And he’s facing real risk of removal from office. But I’m encouraged. He’s showing us how to fight the beast, and that the beast bleeds.

* What I love most about Trump’s successful use of ‘Fake News’ is that initially the term was used by Trump’s enemies in the media. Just after the election, one of their explanations for Trump’s victory was that gullible Trump voters were swayed by pro-Trump ‘Fake News’. Then Trump took that term and applied it to the media that was against him.

A colossal backfire by the media.

* One bit of good news that has been overlooked. Seems HUD may “reinterpret” the ghastly AFFH rules.

Let’s hope Ben Carson kills it altogether, rather than just modifies it.

Dream scenario: Trump puts the kibosh on ALL Section 8 housing.

* Trump is one of those guys that you have to listen to carefully, all the time. He means exactly what he says – but you have to pay attention to context. Every single detail is important.

Trump discussed a completely theoretical situation about Sessions with the reporter that leaked information from Comney. He considers the failing NYT fake news and that particular reporter would garner all the disgust a traitor would deserve. Why grant him an interview at all? Meanwhile, he didn’t say anything personal about Sessions, other than about a theoretical situation that didn’t actually happen. For all we know, Sessions discussed recusing himself from Russia with Trump or least made the decision after become AG.

Remember, Trump has cameoed on TV everywhere, including WWF matches. If you didn’t believe he beat up the CEO of the WWF, then it might be best to withhold judgement on the idea he beat up his amazingly loyal AG. Sessions was bright, perky, and a little too confident in my estimation at next day’s press conference. Like perhaps he knew that it wasn’t real.

Personally, I think Trump had a reason for that interview and the Sessions WWF match, which will become clear later. We’ll see.

* Trump cannot be judged by traditional metrics. Every president in my lifetime came to Washington with an agenda, a vision to make the country into something else. They came with a long list of things to fix. Trump came to Washington with a list of things to break.

So far, he has managed to break the media. It is amazing how often I hear the term “fake news” and not always in the context of politics. Sports fans are now on to the fact that most sports news is fake. The rumor and gossip are all made up. One guy claims “sources” said something and the rest of the media repeat as if it is fact. When it does not pan out, it is on to the next fake story.

I think he is breaking the immigration bloc in Washington too.

* What his enemies forget is that he’s much smarter than most of them; perhaps all of them. He pops out a tweet that he knows will be provocative, then sits back and watches media squander what little credibility it has left – outraging its brains out. His enemies must – MUST – come up with something substantial on Russia. Anything. Otherwise this last 6 months is a big lump of coal in their 2020 stocking. Everyone is sick to death of hearing about it, everyone is sick to death of the open-ended accusations levelled at him. Right now, time is on his side.

* With a 140 characters or less, Trump can force his enemy to start writhing on the ground and foaming at the mouth, utterly discrediting them. That is without doubt one of his most politically useful abilities.

* Gorsuch saved gun rights in America. Garland would have voted with the four leftists to overturn Heller which had ruled that the 2nd Amendment protected individual rights and not militias. This is a very big deal.

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