Steve Sailer: ‘Washington Post Runs 1200 Words on Minneapolis Police Shooting, But No Mention of Shooter’s Name, Immigrant Status, Color, Ethnicity, or Affirmative Action Pokemon Points’

Steve Sailer writes: “A blonde lady in her pajamas explaining to the police car driver about suspicious noises she’d heard was shot dead by Mohamed Noor, a black Muslim Somali immigrant diversity role model cop with a bad record, who was sitting in the passenger seat of the police cruiser. The Washington Post runs 1200 words on the incident without mentioning anything about the shooter cop’s identity.

Instead, it’s a screed about how they have gun control in Australia.”

“Pride: This picture dates from 2015 and shows Officer Noor being inducted into the Somali American Police Association”

This is an infuriating story from Minnesota that will justify Australian’s worst instincts about America — that it is a dangerous place filled with out of control cops. Most Australians who see the story will take their cues from the media — that this atrocity is all about gun control and America’s lack thereof.

I remember a mate of mine in Australia telling me self-righteously that when an Australian cop discharges his firearm on duty, he’s placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. He was stunned when I said that is the policy in America too (and around the First World).

It is easy to be self-righteous about policing when you have an 85% white, 15% asian population as Australia does. America, by contrast, has a 14% black population who commit about half of the country’s murders.

When seen in a world perspective, there is nothing unique about America’s race problems. Every country with a large black underclass has the same problems.

Most of LA’s corrupt and incompetent cop problem comes from its black and latino affirmative action hires.

“Community leader: Officer Noor (center) met with Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges (not pictured) in 2016 where she praised him for joining the police force …”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* This is almost the perfect test for what you value in a society. Freedom for individual citizens and immigration control vs. multiculturalism and gun control.

We know which side the media is on.

* Forget it, Steve. It’s Narrativetown.

* Sooner or later Minneapolis will have to release the school and police academy records of Noor. Remember the iSteve moment during the George Zimmerman manslaughter trial when Trayvon’s girlfriend testified? Now we get to see how someone with a 70 IQ performed in a bottom tier business school.

* Australian cops all carry (and use) guns, so the gun-control angle is even more of a red herring than usual.

(Australia was never an unarmed-bobby sort of place. Australian police culture hearkens back to prison-colony, sheep-camp, and mining-town roots, sort of like Canadian police culture looks to the RCMP on the Northwest frontier.)

* …he posed and smiled really well in a police uniform and in casual clothes with only his badge showing. He was basically a cardboard cutout for AA policies.

* Seattle had a Somali Police Officer, but not for long.

* At the time of the Jeff Bezos purchase of the WAPO, our local Indiana ultra Zionist/Neo-Con talk radio media mogul and other Jeff, Jeff Smulyan the founder and owner of EMMIS(means ultimate truth in Hebrew) Communications was telling everyone that his good buddy “Jeff B.” would move the WAPO to the right and make it once again a serious publication.

The only thing Bezos has done for the WAPO is make it a screaming kill all of Israeli’s enemies even if it means WW III with Russia insane asylum. On all other matters it has moved even farther to the left.

But than again Jeff Smulyan was telling everyone that his other BFF and fellow Jeff, Jeff Zucker over at CNN would move it to the right when he took over in 2013. Instead like WAPO, CNN is a fully anti-Trump ultra Zionist clown show and yet on all other issues at least as far left as MSNBC.

Jeff Smulyan is not that well known as far as Jewish media moguls go but has been a major figure in developing controlled opposition ultra Zionist boomer conservative talk radio figures like Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, Dana Loesch, etc.

Smulyan was also the brains behind giving Alex Jones his start when Jones was useful in serving as an escape valve for conspiracy theory enthusiasts who otherwise might have stumbled onto becoming “Red Pilled” over the Jewish domination of the media.

Now as one might say Alex Jones after his brutal divorce from his Jewish wife is becoming increasingly hip to Jewish issues. And yesterday’s Alex Jones followers and acolytes are increasingly today’s Andrew Anglins.


* I think that there might be a real story here regarding how this Somali qualified to be on the police force. I read that his presence was a big deal with the mayor and other politicians. Were strings pulled, was he the most qualified candidate?

How many White women have to be executed by Somalis with a badge to make PC and virtue signaling high cost events for politicians and liberals?

I wonder if this is another instance of sudden jihad syndrome. Pilots have been known to crash planes on purpose, so why would cops be immune from SJS?

* It’s pretty funny to see’s take on this. On the one hand they want to blame it on America’s gun culture and trigger-happy police (BLM yo!). On the other hand, they can’t help but report that it was a police officer with only two years experience on the force from Somalia, (a skinny in Aussie parlance,) that shot her. They tend to take the Australian side in reporting when events happen overseas, even when obviously criminals and deserve what’s happening to them. (E.g. Schapelle Corby – the MSM here are strangely bigoted like that. I guess the US media did the same with Michael Fay, if you remember him.) So there is a level of truth in reporting so far that is unlike how they normally are (e.g. only showing 12 year old Trayvon). In this case they are conflicted.

There is a new article about Trump every day on and about 99/100 articles are anti-Trump. And maybe that 1/100 article was when he bombed Syria. Murdoch’s is a smidgen to the right of Huffpo, but the commentors are mostly /ourguys.

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