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Stephen emails:

Dear Friends, First of all a Shana Tovah and a Good Yontif! It’s been too, too long, and I’m sending my heartfelt wishes for a splendid and sweet year. I’m sending this statement — placed in the record of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship by Senator Sessions –for yesterday’s hearings titled "Comprehensive Immigration Reform: Faith-Based Perspectives."

The piece, based on comments I delivered on a CIS panel held at the National Press Club last week (I was joined by a brilliant Catholic priest, Dominique Perdians, and my Evangelical friend Jim Edwards) addresses two important issues: the stunning emptiness, Scriptural shoddiness, insincerity, and sheer childishness of the arguments advanced by members of the "faith community" in support of open-borders immigration, and the outrageous conduct of this Committee, Chaired by the unctuous and intellectually dishonest Charles Schumer, who restricted testimony to religious spokespersons that support "comprehensive immigration reform."

The attached testimony submitted for the record — since faith-based opponents of "comprehensive immigration reform" like me were not permitted to address the Committee — both protests the assault on open debate and freedom of expression as well as challenges the sloppy thinking and shoddy exegesis of religious supporters of amnesty and open borders.

It’s a strong and elegant piece that received very positive responses from the large group of people that attended the event at the National Press Club.

I hope you might consider publishing it in full or in part, or citing it, and might also suggest whom else I should approach in the Jewish press or in the community of bloggers who could help get the word out.

Thanks very much for reviewing it and thanks in advance for your help.

I’ll be back in touch — on a more personal level — at the end of the month when I return from Dallas — where I’ve got seven speaking engagements. So much for Aronoff’s attempt at blacklisting me.

Warm regards and b’shalom,
Steve Steinlight

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