One Man Who Deserved The Nobel Peace Prize

I broke the news to a liberal friend this morning.

She responded: "For what?"

I laughed.

"For what did he win the Nobel Prize?" she said. "Was it Afghanistan? Iraq? I don’t get it."

Bridget Johnson writes: "Was there ANYONE who deserved the Nobel Peace Prize more this year than Morgan Tsvangirai? All politics aside — he hasn’t done anything yet!! Tsvangirai has put his life on the line (been arrested, beaten, survived assassination plots) to battle the tyrannical rule of Mugabe. There are few so ballsy."

The Los Angeles Times reports: Many Afghans are illiterate, and people in the countryside, by and large, had never heard of the Nobel prizes. But even among the educated elite in big cities such as Kabul, there was some bemusement over President Obama’s selection.

"I’m not sure I understand — this isn’t for peace here, is it?" said bank worker Homaira Reza. "Because we haven’t got any."

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