‘Criminality Among Jews: An Overview’

Here are the sentences that jumped out to me in this 1971 article by Menachem Amir in the journal Issues in Criminology:

The conclusion of most studies is that Jews have a low crime rate… However, the Jewish crime rate tends to be higher than that of non-Jews…for white collar offenses, that is commercial or commercial-related crimes, such as fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, and embezzlement. Also, where special laws have been enacted for religious groups, the general crime rate for Jews has tended to be high…

Most of the literature which reaches the conclusion that Jews have a higher crime rate than non-Jews is of the unscientific journalism genre…

Like the non-Jewish prisoners, the Jewish ones were single or divorced…

…in the West coast where Jewish criminality resembles non-Jews.


1. Moderation in the use of alcohol;
2. The strength, support and guidance of the Jewish family;
3. The solidarity and cohesiveness of the Jewish community;
4. The strong emphasis on education and mobility;
5. The socio-economic status and upward mobility of most Jews…

…Jews still see themselves as a minority group who need self-protection from hostile reaction due to its individual members’ transgressions.

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