Remember When AIDS Was Going To Destroy Africa?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Blessedly, Africa is a very large continent, as a glance at a globe will confirm.

By the way, remember all the talk about AIDS, and how AIDS would decimate the African population? Was that just a tool to pry dollars from the West, or did people actually believe that AIDS was that much of an epidemic?

AIDS was also supposed to decimate India and utterly destroy Thailand. None of that happened either. I tend nowadays to believe absolutely nothing that comes from the medical establishment. They have been wrong about nearly everything over the past 50 years.

* This is of course a major problem for Africa and for African people.

It should not HAVE to be a problem for the responsible parts of the world that manage to control their population. But it likely will become our problem given the problems created by a do gooder Christian ethic and the brain dead behavior patterns of the typical white liberal.

The only legitimate state interest that the West should have regarding Africa is to insure that Africans stay in Africa. It is what many black people claim they want anyway–to be free of the racism of whitey.

It is long past time that we treat African people like people–let them control their own destiny.

* Sub-Saharan Africa’s population is going to explode. The Democrat Party is the party of Black America. The looming African population explosion will unfold with dark horrors straight out of a Joseph Conrad book.

The Democrat Party is the party of Muslims and mass immigration. The Democrat Party is a clear and present threat to the safety and security of the United States. The Democrat Party is a threat to the national security of the United States.

White Core Americans(WCA) must fight to take control of the Republican Party. White Core American Patriots must dislodge the globalizer ruling class of the Republican Party. President Trump had the guts and brains to appeal to White Core Americans and Whites Without College Degrees(WWCDs).

Africa’s population explosion will destroy the Democrat Party in the United States.

Please tell me again why a woman such as Hillary Clinton, who professes to love Black Americans so much, does everything she can to remove herself from any and all contact with Black Americans in her personal life. Didn’t Hillary Clinton move to the mostly White town of Chappaqua, New York?

The hypocrisy of leading Democrats regarding Black America is only covered up because the corporate media keeps silent on the matter. Patriots in the Republican Party must take control of the corporate media megaphone in the United States.

* No offense, Steve, but this is only the “World’s Most Important Graph” to suicidially idiotic Western countries that don’t control their own borders and have lost their ability to think tribally. This graph is a curiousity to the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese and any other people who understand the concept and utility of a fence.

What Africans choose to do in their own countries should be of no concern of mine. It’s why we have separate countries.

Europe and the United States deserve their fate if they allow in millions of low-IQ, short time horizon, wholly incompatible Africans. A better example of Survival of Fittest you likely will never see. It’s not Survival of the Smartest or Survival of the Most Cultured or Survival of the Nicest. It’s fucking Survival of Fittest, survival of those best suited for that particular environment.

Right now, Africans are the most suited for this environment. Ironically, it’s an environment created by whites, but that’s irrelevant for the time being. Whites created the environment that caused them to decline and Africans to succeed. Darwin must be laughing somewhere – in between his tears.

* The Gates Foundation and other private charitable groups have been promoting family planning in Africa for years. The problem is that the African people just don’t seem to care for it. Most of them have never been fond of concepts like monogamy or anything else that would limit their own pleasure. The inability to convince Africans to change their personal behavior is the reason why there has been such limited success in reducing the rates HIV infection in Africa.

* Sub Saharan Africa is almost eight times as big as India in land area, and India now supports 1.3 billion people.

To be sure I don’t think there’s any place in SSA that matches the agricultural productivity of the Ganges valley but still, I think 4 billion should be within Africa’s capacity to support, assuming trade and technological links remain with the outside world, and global warming remains moderate.

* Some of the richest men in the world (Gates, Buffett, Turner, Bloomberg, and of course Soros) are big fans of population control to the point of obsession. Highbrow novelist Jonathan Franzen and lowbrow thriller writer Dan Brown both followed up their big successes of the last decade with novels in which the importance of population control was a key point. I don’t know where Steve gets this idea that the issue has been forgotten or buried. The globalist elite (that people at this site usually despise) loves population control.

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