NYT: ‘Australia Grapples With Campus Assaults, and Reprisals Against Victims’

New York Times: “A January report by the advocacy group End Rape on Campus Australia found that universities had frequently failed to support victims of sexual assault and harassment.”

Why should universities support those who make claims to being victims? Why is that the university’s mandate? I thought the university’s mandate was fostering scholarship.

About 15 years ago, an acquaintance of mine, the journalist David Hoffman, moved to Europe to fight sex trafficking and to get laid. He ended up in jail for six months and came back to the States and committed suicide.

New York Times: “But many students question the universities’ commitment. They say that it is still common for complaints to linger without a university response; for men accused of, say, rating women’s bodies on social media to receive little punishment; and for there to be little coordination at a national level.”

Why should there be punishment for men rating women’s bodies on social media?

NYT: “The activists say their demands are reasonable: a university hotline that offers help from a trained trauma professional, required sexual consent training and a clear and transparent system for adjudicating complaints.”

I think these activists need to read F. Roger Devlin’s book Sexual Utopia in Power.

NYT: “In the most recent scandal, a student at St. Paul’s, an elite residential college, posted a screed on Facebook comparing sex with large women to “harpooning a whale” and offering advice on how to “get rid of some chick” after “rooting” her.”

Why is that a scandal?

The New York Times does not include one skeptical perspective about these activists. The article concludes:

Then the personal photos that decorated her dorm door started disappearing, one a day.

“What hurt so much was the fact that people I lived with, whom I had come to think of as my family, would purposely try to make me feel like scum,” she said. “They were trying, albeit in a pretty pathetic and cowardly way, to run me out of my home.”

Finally, when there was only one picture left, Ms. Landis-Hanley took it down herself.

As she wrote on Facebook, “I was taken to hospital that night for being suicidal.”

It sounds like many of these sheilas are bonkers.

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