Financially Supporting Your Man So He Can Study Torah All Day

Yeed comments: If it was an equal relationship, you would find many such arrangements. In actual fact, you virtually never find such a relationship. (And if the Zevulun would be required to literaly give half of his earnings, then you literally never find it.) There’s tons and tons of Yissachars, but not too many Zevuluns willing to let others freeload on his time.

The closest thing to a Zevelun class you get are wealthy middle-aged ballei teshuvah, who are happy to finance their exciting new discovery of Jewish learning. Sorry to be cynical, but that’s a big reason why kiruv is popular.

YID COMMENTS: My friend, ANYONE is able to learn. Have you seen what many avreichim over 30 years old are like? Learning maybe a fraction of the time. Hakking, tummeling, and just plain shmoozing the rest. ANYONE can do this. It’s not that the Zevulun’s of the world cannot do this themselves. It’s that they’ve chosen not to waste their time this way. And is it any wonder they dont want to finance someone else doing it?

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