Hot Girls Wanted

Roosh writes: I recently watched Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary about how easily girls are recruited into porn, mostly from the Midwestern parts of the United States. The fact that there is now so little stigma for girls to get banged on camera for money shows how broken American culture has become.

The documentary focuses on a male recruiter based in Miami who puts up ads for “erotic models” on Craigslist. A complimentary air ticket, the promise of fun and fame, and a few hundred dollars per sex scene is all it takes for girls to sign up, usually when they are right out of high school and at a crossroads of what to do with their lives. The film intended to show how difficult life is for these girls, but instead it shows how incredibly entitled and spoiled they are.

Many of the girls come from middle class families, with no obvious signs of abuse or dysfunction. So why go into porn? They want to party, they don’t want to work a real job, they want to be adored by fans, and most commonly, they want “freedom,” because having the opportunity to go to university and work hard for their bread is simply too constricting or boring, and even worse is becoming a housewife, a “slave.” The girls who enter porn are not facing a do-or-die situation where they have to do porn to eat—they’re doing it because they want money and the easy life of opening their legs and laying there. In one case, I get the impression the girl entered porn just because she always wanted to visit Miami.

In terms of the sexual market place, these girls are subconsciously maximizing the value of their vaginas, especially when considering that on average, they are no higher than a hard 6 (without excessive makeup). In a Midwestern town, the best a 6 can do is get pumped and dumped by a handful of bad boys before having to settle down with a normal man and take care of the family home, but that simply isn’t enough for a girl who was taught to believe that she’s capable of anything. The alternative is for her to live in Miami, have thousands of followers online, and become used as sex meat.

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