57yo Australian Conservative Pundit Andrew Bolt Fights Back Against Antifa

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Some background on Bolt for the benefit of Steve’s readers:

Bolt is one of Australia’s best-known conservative commentators, and the most prominent in Melbourne. No other commentator is excoriated as much by the SJW left and its MSM enablers. It is therefore no surprise that leftist thugs would want to target him in particular.

A few years ago, Bolt was sued under a notorious law (section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which operates much like section 13 did in Canada until Mark Steyn succeeded in getting it repealed) for two newspaper columns he wrote. In them he exposed the racket whereby middle-class individuals with small amounts of Aboriginal ancestry manage to win large numbers of government grants and jobs reserved for Aboriginal people, supposedly to compensate for their entrenched poverty and disadvantage.

Bolt lost the case due largely to the judge, a creature of the leftist political machine in this city, who perversely interpreted Bolt’s comments in a way that enabled them to be found in breach of section 18C.

While Bolt is understandably bitter about the case, he hasn’t slowed in his efforts to expose the hypocrisies and lies of the left, and champion conservative values. He is particularly concerned about the Muslim and African influx which has led to instances of terrorism and an endless wave of serious crime.

I long knew of his moral courage, but the physical courage he showed in the face of this attack on a Melbourne street is a revelation.

* Andrew Bolt’s masterful counter-attack starting at 40 seconds into the video must be taught as a fighting method. The Bolt Method was great. Bolt first pushed the first masked anti-free speech scumbag out of the way while preparing to deal with the other. This created the necessary torque in the torso to deliver a straight jab right to the face of the second masked anti-free speech scumbag.

Antipodean Andrew Bolt has had enough of the anti-free speech dirtbags. Bolt has made all Australia proud. I don’t know nothing of Bolt nor his politics, I don’t care. Bolt was sneakily attacked while his back was turned by masked anti-free speech rats. Andrew Bolt fought back brilliantly.

Bolt now begins the pushback period for Western Civilization. The masked anti-free speech rats have gone too far. Boltism in Australia is now combining with Based Stick Manism in the United States to form a new resistance to anti-free speech tyranny.

* Who took the video of the attack on Andrew Bolt? It opens with Bolt being attacked from behind, then shows him brawling with the masked men, successfully fighting back, one-against-two. Then a bystander shows up, and the assailants run down the sidewalk.

An accomplice must have filmed the incident, then posted the video on Facebook. But it sure paints Bolt as brave and effective, while his two (three) attackers start off by looking cowardly, and then graduate to weak.

Presumably this is antifa virtue signalling (“some of our family in solidarity were attacked by Andrew Bolt while they were protesting today”). They must see things somewhat differently than an outsider like me.

* There is no Second Amendment in Australia, or most other Western Countries… the Left controls the governments and self-defense is a crime in many jurisdictions, so the Left owns the streets.

Unfortunately, the same is pretty much true in ultra-leftist American cities like New York, D.C., and San Francisco.

Places where Second Amendment rights are ironclad (e.g., West Virginia, Indiana, Oklahoma, Arizona) don’t have any antifa problems whatsoever.

* The old cuckish Right couldn’t stand up to these Thugs.

Now the Right is getting a testosterone boost. One punch in self-defense and these clowns scatter.

* I live in rural Oklahoma and almost every person I know is armed. When a white police officer in Tulsa was recently acquitted after killing a black man there was some whining, but no street violence.

White men in Oklahoma (with the exception of a few hipster and yuppie enclaves in Tulsa and OKC) are still a pretty rough bunch. Nothing like the effete pansies I see portrayed in virtually every tv program or commercial I see.

* I’m from Seattle, and for years I watched these guys get away with all sorts of crimes. The only lefties who get treated with a rough hand are those who actually threaten the institutions that provide these cities with money and power. For example, a few leftist environmentalists sabotaged a biotech lab at the University of Washington about 15 years ago, and they got hammered. Every single one of them was picked up and prosecuted. One is still in prison, and another suffocated himself while in federal detention. This happened because the UW is Seatttle’s single largest employer and the largest recipient of tax funds in the state of Washington. If these guys had simply rioted and smashed up a bunch of franchises run by small businessmen the city would have looked the other way.

Given that white people who so much as verbally threaten blacks get up to 20 years in the slammer, you’d think the antifas who routinely violate people’s civil rights with actual criminal violence could at least spend a couple years behind bars, but it doesn’t happen. It’s obvious that Democrats have neither any interest in nor desire for prosecution if the victims are not clearly on their side.

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