The Story Of The Hasidic Actors Guild

Yisrael Lifschutz writes:

HAG: The Story of the Hassidic Actors Guild is a serio-comic (HAG logo "Pay Us For Payos") hybrid of fact and fiction focusing on the life of Ysrael "Izzi" Lifschutz who has served as an actor and/or conultant on numerous Hollwood films and tv programs including The Chosen, Stranger Among Us, A Price Above Rubies and the now indie classic Pi, for which he also served as one of the producers.

Invariably, however, Izz’s involvement frequently leads to conflict and controversy, not only within the entertainment industry but also within the Jewish community–leading to his excommunication! To undo the ban–and the surprise ending–Izzi appears on national tv and performs a rather strikingly graphic act of Tshuva…

Oh yes, there is a happy ending: The rabbis allow Izzi to perform– but only as a wedding singer. HAG is presently making the rounds on the Jewish film festival and the like.To date HAG has been screened at the Cleveland Reel Jewish Experience, the Internation Jewish Film, Woodstock Jewish Film Festival, JCC of Manhattan ( one of the broadest venues for Jewish film whose director Isaac Zblocki has placed HAG on his recommended list) Hampton Synagogue Jewish Film Festival… Upcoming:

Redemptive Film Festival (Gospel) Oct 13–winner of the storytelling award Baltimore Jewish Cine Fest in association with the Creative Alliance Nov 1 Vancouver Jewish Film Festival Nov 10, Belle Harbor Jewish Center Nov 14 Chabad of Westmount, Monteal Nov 23 Begining Dec 1 a tour of Jewish venues in Austrailia Philadelphia Jewish Film Festiva May 2010–nominated for best new director We’ve received other acceptannces but dates not set up (Tulsa,Boulder, Boston etc)

In addition,. we recently released a DVD entitled The Jewish Basketball Hall of Fame, which will be screened Oct 13 at the Kaplan JCC on the Palisades and The Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in Syosset, Dec 15 please visit…i am the face of the project i.e. the poster boy appearing in an old Knick uniform and palming to b’balls. I have begun a new film entitled M.O.M.: The Confessions of A Male Orthodox Model, a musical memoir…I can be reached at

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