‘The Indefatigable Menachem Butler’

Those are Dr. Marc Shapiro’s words.

Pini Dunner posts: "From ‘dictionary.com’ : ‘indefatigable – incapable of being tired out; not yielding to fatigue; untiring; tireless; inexhaustible; persevering’. Never has there been a more apt definition of Menachem Butler, who indefatigably seeks out ever more curious trivia about anything and everything related to Jewish history and its study. If the book exists, he’ll find it, however rare, and read it. And then scan it and share it. If the academic is still alive, he’ll go to meet him, wherever he or she lives. If the subject is of interest to even a handful of people, he will research it. Indefatigably. Keep it up, Menachem! We luv ya!!"

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