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* According to BBC accounts:

Today a terrible accident has happened in Manchester.

A tan Englishman was hurt in an explosion.

It appears as if his diversity fireworks went off too early.

As a result he was killed. “Others” were hurt.

He was attempting to enrich a local music festival. This is a tragedy.

As far as others being hurt: They were most likely racists anyway so they will not be missed. Let us focus on what’s important.

A message for his family? Diversity is our strength.

* “Comments have been disabled” could be the epitaph of Western Civilization.

* The real victims are the millions of Muslims now living in fear of a backlash.

We must not let hate triumph. As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that would be worse.

If we start killing terrorists and expelling communities which breed terrorists, the terrorists would win. If they manage to reduce us to dhimmitude, we’ll win.

So in order to win, we need to lose.

* I would say the West is playing rope-a-dope, but I’m not sure a corpse can play rope-a-dope…

* It’s bad, yes. But there was a white woman in Manassas, Virginia caught on tape saying the word “spic.”

* What would be depressing is if this incident provoked an Islamophobic backlash against innocent Muslims.

Your readers should realize that the bomber was not a real Muslim. A cursory read of the Koran proves it to be a peaceful book.

We need to do some soul searching. I mean my head is literrally spinning. We marginalized this young man. We need to do a better job at integration.

We cannot let them win. We need to win them over with love. If we dont let refugees in than the terrorists win. Its 2017 guys , why cant you undrstand this. wow just wow.

* The sane and rational reaction would be to completely shut down Muslim immigration and the resettlement of refugees. (In the UK, which still has an established religion, it would legally be possible to monitor and suppress the existing Muslim population as well).

Of course, we can readily predict that the opposite will happen. The socio-political elites will redouble the enforcement of hate crimes and political correctness, continue to kiss Muslims on the ass, and continue to tighten the enforcement of the soft totalitarianism that the UK has become against the native British population.

One aspect of this that I find fascinating is the “security theater” of the British police. Every time one of these attacks occurs, Bobbies swarm the streets armed with handguns and battle rifles that are completely banned from the British public. British gun control has been 100% ineffective at stopping terrorist acts. As far as I’m aware, none of these cops have ever stopped a terrorist attack in progress, despite the fact that the British police have far greater powers than Americans to monitor and suppress the public.

The problem of terrorism caused by foreigners (or people descended from foreigners) is 100% the fault of the British government given the fact that they are an island nation and nobody can get there without the permission of the government. They respond with a ridiculous and ineffective show of force after the fact, because they cannot admit that they are the ones indirectly responsible for the deaths of their own people.

* From a New York Times review of a book by the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission:

Talking to the detainees was especially important because the commission was charged with explaining not only what happened, but also why it happened. In looking into the background of the hijackers, the staff found that religious orthodoxy was not a common denominator since some of the members “reportedly even consumed alcohol and abused drugs.” Others engaged in casual sex. Instead, hatred of American foreign policy in the Middle East seemed to be the key factor. Speaking to the F.B.I. agents who investigated the attacks, Hamilton asked: “You’ve looked [at] and examined the lives of these people as closely as anybody. . . . What have you found out about why these men did what they did? What motivated them to do it?”

These questions fell to Supervisory Special Agent James Fitzgerald. “I believe they feel a sense of outrage against the United States,” he said. “They identify with the Palestinian problem, they identify with people who oppose repressive regimes and I believe they tend to focus their anger on the United States.” As if to reinforce the point, the commission discovered that the original plan for 9/11 envisioned an even larger attack. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the strategist of the 9/11 plot, “was going to fly the final plane, land it and make ‘a speech denouncing U.S. policies in the Middle East,’” Kean and Hamilton say, quoting a staff statement. And they continue: “Lee felt that there had to be an acknowledgment that a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was vital to America’s long-term relationship with the Islamic world, and that the presence of American forces in the Middle East was a major motivating factor in Al Qaeda’s actions.”

* Islam is a political philosophy, like National Socialism or Stalinism. They preach hatred of Jews, Christians, homosexuals, Hindus, atheists, other sects of Islam, etc., and glorify and encourage the active use of violence to express this hatred. They treat women like slaves and children like cattle, they have more children than they can possibly support and inevitably islamic nations are turned into overpopulated pools of misery where people dream only of escaping. (Saudi Arabia and the other gulf emirates have managed to avoid this via their massive oil wealth – let’s see how well they do when per-capita oil income is no longer a major factor).

This is the reason that western elites are so committed to importing muslim refugees: the rich want cheap labor, and you won’t find that many desperate starving people in Japan or South Korea or even, increasingly, China. But even as Islam creates the greatest poverty, it also creates the greatest source of the cheapest labor… And the greatest source of potential profits…

I would challenge the Islamic world to demonstrate that the peace of Allah is not a lie. Let them construct societies that, even if they do not adhere to what we in the west might like, nonetheless produce stable and prosperous societies that at least muslims feel to be tolerable. Until that is demonstrated, I think it justifiable to condemn Islam as a political pathology. If even muslims feel that it is intolerable to live in an islamic state, how can we in the west be blamed for feeling the same way?

* MASS IMMIGRATION brings ISLAMIC TERRORISM to Britain. The evil ruling class of Britain is using mass immigration to destroy cultural cohesion. The Bank of England’s Mark Carney has admitted that mass immigration lowers wages for workers.

Mass immigration in Britain lowers wages, increases housing costs, overwhelms hospitals, swamps schools, creates multicultural mayhem and brings ISLAMIC TERRORISM to Britain.

REFUGEE OVERLOAD is destroying Britain and the United States. The evil ruling class in Britain and the evil ruling class in the United States is importing REFUGEE OVERLOAD in a deliberate attempt to destroy cultural cohesion. The ruling class in Britain and the ruling class of the American Empire is now infested with nation-wrecking rodents. REFUGEE OVERLOAD brings ISLAMIC TERRORISM to Britain and the United States.

* The BBC was very quick to have s spokesman for Manchester’s large Jewish community calling for tolerance and understanding after the atttack. British Jews do love their Muslims – except those in Israel.

* I’m having weirdly mixed feelings about this one. It’s the photos of the aftermath, the young women dressed as sluts, the feeling that I’m as much under attack from the Ariana Grandes of the world as from the Salman Abedis.

The feeling that liberalism had already taken these young women’s souls. That last night was just cleaning up the ashes.

* Here is a humane solution to Islamic terrorism:

Desperate times require desperate measures. The people of Western Europe and the Americas need to tell theirIslamic communities to solve the problem of Jihad and terrorism against Christians … or they, en masse, will be deported to their location of ethnic origin regardless of citizenship. Motivate them to have some “skin in the game” or face the consequences. Their communities are the source of the problem, force them to fix it … or else.

If we find bodies mysteriously appearing in alleys in their communities, so be it.

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