How The Old Testament Explains Life Today

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I don’t want to bring in the Old Testament but there’s an enormous and vulnerable pattern involving Semitic tribalist grievance reasoning, which connects almost every leftoid program.
(This is highly developed and documented among a certain religio-ethnic group, but I use the word “Semitic” deliberately because it is not unique to them. It is probably an inescapable result of tribalism and diversity. There are many “convenient grievances” in Islam, notably Palestine and Shi’ism.)
Their story, for every case from blacks to mestizos to (at one time) blue collar workers to women, is always an adaptation of Exodus or Esther, and this both cuts off some options and sets up others. Once you learn the myths (which in this case means seeing the fallacies vindicated by tradition and why they are necessary) and start to look for the patterns, their words and actions have a visible logic and can be predicted. Or at least you can see what they won’t do and why.
They are not normal people in a political discussion looking for a policy solution. They are wronged superior beings, held back by a nefarious conspiracy, itself only made possible by their own failure to maintain traditions and respect their prophets.

* JOKE: using logic and factual evidence to express disagreement with someone.

WOKE: using [not-an-argument] to express disagreement with someone.

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