NYT: ‘The Culprits Behind White Flight’

I blame white racism.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Hillary Clinton flew like a bird to the mostly White town of Chappaqua, New York.

Hillary Clinton supports White Flight for wealthy White people. Hillary Clinton thinks White people of modest means should live cheek by jowl with Blacks and Latinos.

Hillary Clinton is a baby boomer hypocrite globalizer.

* My grandparents moved to the suburbs after adjacent blocks went up in flames during the riots of the 60s.

* What’s interesting is that white people seem unafraid to move into West Harlem and Bed-Stuy now that the long nightmare of crime has come to an end. East New York, less so. Break the back of criminal behavior and most of the “racism” of avoiding black neighborhoods goes away. They’re actually pretty pleasant and interesting places then.

* If all races are equal than Black communities don’t need the presence of White next door neighbors in order to financially thrive.

* The hollowing out and destruction of every inner city in this country from Atlantic to Pacific that occurred as a direct result of the racial policies of the 1960s is the most important and yet the least understood occurrence certainly of the 20th Century and perhaps in all of American history. It has touched nearly every American life, and yet to question the wisdom and goodness of the deliberate public policies that created this incredible human tragedy is strictly verboten. What a world!

* Most white people have familiarity with black violence. In my case:
Grandfather: sent to hospital after being jumped by gang of blacks, lost hearing from head wounds.
Friend: jumped by gang of blacks while walking home one night and sent to hospital
Other friend: shot dead cold-blooded by black gunman

Proximity to violence will make people either want to fight back or leave. Fighting back is illegal.

* I have a friend who says the moment he and his wife decided to leave Jersey City was when they were stuck behind a black kid, maybe 4 or 5, riding a Big Wheel in the middle of the street and they beeped the horn. The kid gave them the finger and they both realized they were afraid to beep the horn again.

* When successful blacks choose to live in predominatly black, middle class suburban neighborhoods, what exactly are they fleeing?

Bad schools?
High crime rates?
Unkempt neighborhoods?
Social pathologies that may influence their kids?

What exactly are they seeking?

A sense of community?
Cultural identification with their neighbors?
Potential friends for themselves and their children with whom they can easily identify?

Aren’t people with some sense in their heads and some money in the bank generally pushed and pulled by the factors mentioned above?

“Segregation doesn’t necessarily speak to bias and discrimination in all cases,” says William Boone, political science professor at Clark Atlanta University. “Sometimes, people make a rational choice.”

* Not only are we driven out of the cities and neighborhoods that our parents lived in and that our ancestors built and not only can we never complain or even dare mention the reason but we are supposed to take the blame.

Similarly, tax dollars build public schools. Parents are involved in the school (PTA, etc.) and push their children to do well and be well-behaved. Blacks come in and are disruptive, violent, and cause academics to nosedive thus driving out whites to move to other school districts or private schools. None of this can ever be mentioned. However, whites are to blame for the achievement gap, failing schools, etc.

The pattern is: 1) the black population engages in outrageous behavior; 2) whites are not allowed to complain – ever; and 3) whites are obligated to grovel and have abused heaped upon them for crimes for which they are not only innocent but of which they are the victims.

* White flight and gentrification both – racist. You leave, you’re a racist. You return and try and make it nicer, you’re a racist. I suppose the only options left are: 1) you can return but can’t fix anything up; or, 2) handle it like the Mexicans in Compton did.

* You always see articles about how White flight financially hurts Black communities.

But you never see articles about how Black flight from San Francisco, California for example financially hurts White and Asian communities or how Black flight from Austin, Texas financially hurts White and Mexican communities.

Which goes to show you that Nonblack America gets by just fine without the Black purchasing power. The Black dollar is not needed in Nonblack America.

* More insight and wisdom from someone who wasn’t there. Twenty and early thirty-somethings know the world of the 60′s and 70′s better than those who lived through it.

Back in 1973, my parents moved us from a neighborhood that had no blacks to a neighborhood that was about 20% black . We went from an all white neighborhood that maybe had a few bullies who would push you around a little (on rare occasion) to a neighborhood that had armed home invasions that led to one of our next door neighbors being assaulted and robbed and another neighbor being raped and shot. All the violence was perpetrated by blacks. My dad regretted the decision to move there for decades. Shortly after he moved out (a little over five years ago) someone dumped a dead body (black) on his street about a block away. The cops say it was gang related. The 20% black neighborhood we had come too back in ’73 was 99% black by the time he moved.

That anecdotal experience can be multiplied by tens of millions of other Americans since the civil rights legislation of the 1960′s. Realtors in this part of the world called it “the donut hole” effect because it ate away the middle of cities. Parks that you could go to in the early 1960′s were no longer safe. Once thriving strip malls and retail complexes shriveled up and died. And then there were the riots of the 60′s. People didn’t move away so much because they were white but because they were parents. We even knew many liberal white Democrats who would move out of crappy changing neighborhoods. Nobody called them hypocrites back then because we empathized with their plight, and didn’t want them to subject their children to that kind of life.

If you look at the author’s videos on youtube, you can tell that she’s bi-racial easier from video than you can by looking at still photos, even though her kids look pretty white. The dad looks pretty Semitic. She’s been placed in her position of prominence mostly because the powers that be want people to see her as a model of what the rest of us are supposed to be.

* There’s a Ra’anan Boustan at UCLA. Is that her squeeze?

He moved from Minnesota when she started at UCLA in 2006—where, of course, they were listed as faculty affiliates of the Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies.

* From the conservative side, it does seem like black voters are telling the Democrats, “We will fully support your policies, however destructive to black welfare they might be, as long as you implement them via black politicians.”

This cynical view does have weaknesses.

– The black middle class relies on governments for employment, not exclusively but more than other races. It makes sense for them to play for Team Government.

– You know how non-wealthy whites in decaying areas feel when they hear lectures about “white privilege”. Think how non-wealthy blacks feel about being told, “The source of all your problems is that your partially inbred extended family isn’t very smart or well behaved, and government shouldn’t do anything particular to help you.” Respect matters.

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