When Amalek Moves

Chaim Amalek posts on Facebook:

* As I am not a prosperous man, the day is approaching when I shall have to leave my beautiful White bubble – the diversity embracing upper west side of Manhattan – for some part of America full of dusky folk where people know people who voted for Donald Trump. I will miss this place, and all the shining white faces I see on the street on my way to Zabars, Fairway, and Whole Foods.

* Fiercely pro-Zionist Rupert Murdoch is an old man – 86 years old to be exact. His sons and heirs to the Fox empire are far more liberal, and they appear to be skeptical about having a Jewish ethno-state in the Muslim mideast. So this struggle between father and sons is bad news for Torah Jews who believe that God has given them the Land of Israel to be their own. Very bad indeed.

* Yidden! We must insist on Chinese methods of media control if that’s what it takes to stop this hate!

* Science suggests: your baby is racist. Even if you live in Park Slope, shop at the Coop, or own a coop on the Upper West Side and attend a Unitarian church. Your baby is racist and shame on you for that.

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