Asian Success

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* It’s true Asians do better at math and science and drone-occupations.

But blacks succeed a lot more in other areas, indeed those areas deemed cool. Sports, music, sex, booty-call, yapping, comedy, and etc.

So, in some ways, Asians are successes, in some ways failures.

Also, huge difference between Asian female and Asian male. I think it’s more accurate to divide Asian-America into American-Female-America and Asian-Male-America. The former is much more successful sexually. Because men of all races seek out Asian women, Asian women have gold value. Because no women want Asian men, they have lead value. But homo Asian men may be more successful. Women seek big dongs but homos just seek some bung to pork. So, even an Asian homo with smaller dong has a bung to pork. So, George Takei is a sexual success since all he has to do is play biatch. No wonder Takei is the face of Asian American malehood. Only has value as homos with bungs.

* Imagine if you were trying to buy real estate between 2002 and 2008, and some racist/bigoted lender prevented you from getting a loan. Wouldn’t you be relieved/grateful once that real estate bubble burst?

* Asian Americans suffer from significant discrimination in America today. I’ve argued ad nauseum before that black, white, and Hispanic Americans discriminate against Asian Americans in ways that we wouldn’t countenance if it were any other ethnic group in this country.

It’s bad enough that it’s considered perfectly okay by black, white, and Hispanic Americans to mock and denigrate Asians on a regular basis in this country, but then you also have actual institutionalized racism in this country that discriminates against Asian Americans in the form of college admissions, etc. And on top of that, given the East Asian tendency to skew towards STEM and away from business and politics, Asian Americans are mostly ignored in our national discourse. This triple whammy really hits Asian Americans hard in this country.

* Washington Post reporter Jeff Guo wrote an epic-length Tweet storm with every Angry Asian cliche imaginable: the Model Minority Myth is racist, Asians are discriminated against in the U.S., they weren’t even allowed in for awhile, the food tastes awful, and the portions are so small.

* That is an amazing thread. He says that Asians don’t actually earn more than whites when you control for education. So we’re controlling for education now when comparing racial achievement? When talking about blacks and Hispanics, relatively low education is blamed on racism. And then he says that the reason that Asians are so obsessed with education is that they need it to overcome racism. So it’s racism, racism, racism, no matter what the outcome.

* I guess part of the resentment is that Asians out hustle everyone in a zero sum game which is kinda bad overall. Like Asians only have an average IQ of 105 so it seems they’re sort of bringing their rat race culture over here which is bad. I think most white people would prefer the Finland model of education to the South Korea model of education. Didn’t the cram school thing get so out of control over there that they had to shut it down?

* No one said Asian IQ is on par with Jewish IQ.

Jewish IQ has been measured at 110 to 115.

East Asian IQ is 99 or 100, though maybe 105 in elite centers of the nation.

Hindu IQ ranges like a mofo. It goes from very high to tarded. India is genetically very diverse.

There are surely various ways of discrimination at upper reaches of society. Also, Jews can get away with it more. It’s okay to call out on ‘racist’ Wasps, but it’s still troublesome to talk of Jewish over-representation.

But that kind of discrimination will be found anywhere and in all societies.

My belief is that a nation should not allow minorities to rise above middle position in management except in rare cases where the person is truly talented.

It’s gonna be crazy stupid for Canada to allow Hindus and Chinese to take over elite positions in society. There goes Canada.

* Everything neatly fits into place if you marry someone of your own subcaste, because their likes, dislikes and upbringing is likely to be very similar to your own. They will likely have similar political views, similar ideas on familial responsibilities, money management and so on. The merchant castes disdain formal education and want their kids to start small businesses ASAP, the academic castes prize academia, elite institutions and art, the martial castes value military and police service. Each subcaste has its own traditions, its own favored temples, its own variations in marriage, birth and death rituals, in some cases its own dialect.

Intermarriage with other communities would make your life progressively harder the more different the other community is from yours. Of course, as India modernizes many of these old identities are dying out.

My personal ranking for preferred spouses would be as follows
Same subcaste, same area> Same caste, same area> same caste, different area> castes close to mine in habits and behavior > other hindu castes > Non-hindu Indians but from indian religions, like Sikhs and Jains > Christian Indians > Buddhist East/Southeast Asians > Whites and non Buddhist Asians > Hispanics > Blacks and Muslims.

* Marrying outside the caste is not just about outward appearance – I have a strong hunch that each Indian caste has subtle genetic differences in brain architecture which, in combination with nurture differences, leads to essentially different breeds of humans. Nietzsche said something similar.

Almost all the dreamy, intellectual people I’ve met during my time at various elite Indian institutions have been Brahmins. The kind who would read Wikipedia for hours on end, with multiple tabs open at the same time. The kids from the merchant castes were usually more successful, because their intelligence, which was as good as that of the Brahmins’, was focused, utilitarian and pragmatic. The warrior caste people were usually the cool kids, the ones with naturally good physiques and good social skills.

Every caste views its own archetype as the best – a Brahmin would not be impressed by someone’s BMW, a merchant caste would not care much about a research paper published in Nature, a warrior caste person would consider anyone who wasn’t a cop or soldier to be unworthy.

* East asian Americans complain about only being 20% not 40% of the Ivy League. But do any of them write in English at the 99.99 percentile? At 20% of the Ivy League and more at Stanford, you’d expect a lot more great writers in many fields, but I can’t think of any. The highly competitive world of screenwriting, blog networks, and books seems to be less than 1% East Asian.

It isn’t racism since there are plenty of blacks and south asians doing these things.

* Jeff Guo has a strong academic background, as has been noted. But there must be an interesting explanation as to why his ideological commitments so thoroughly overwhelm his common sense.

Here is an account of how he had to retract a large chunk from a WaPo story after finding out he had been duped by a source who told him a fake story he wanted to hear (where have we seen that before?):


The unredacted article is still a fascinating exhibit — he spends nearly 3000 words trying to figure out why gay black men contract HIV:


* Whit Stillman and few others are real ‘auteurs’ in the true sense of the world.

I think globalism is making things less interesting. Without roots and some kind of cultural foundation, everyone sounds the same.

The couple in LOVE STORY is moving away from roots, but they still have roots in something real. Italian life or Wasp life(when it had unique character).

But it seems like we are living in the age of the children of the children of LOVE STORY. And these globots are without character.

It’s no wonder we have green hair people, tattoos, piercings, and other idiocies. Or pussy hats. Without roots, people seek some kind of identity by creating new fashions.

But the old identities were so much better.

Wong Kar Wai has a great eye but his movies are vapid because his characters are globots. They aint chinese, they aint european, they aint nothing. Just fashionistas.

* But as the Foreign Policy article said, there is no successful black nation anywhere.

Also, black Americans are better off than Africans… which is why Africans wanna come to US, but blacks don’t wanna go back to Africa.

Also, Meso-Americans were conquered and enslaved and enserfed. But their problems are different from blacks.

A simple mind trick. If US had enslaved Asians or Hindus, would we have same problem? A different problem, to be sure, but the kind of problem that we have with blacks? No way.

Look at Sweden. Many blacks arrive there as free people and are showered with goodies. They cause problems.

Look at Somalis in US. A big mess.

* In the US, only four people matter.

1. Whites. While it’s true that whites are most bashed, they are also most desired. Everyone, including your family, wants to come to white nation. Everyone wants to live near whites. Everyone trusts whites more than other races. Everyone would be happier if daughter married white than black or brown.

2. Jews. Jews have lots of power. And their wit, humor, creativity have won them fans. Seinfeld. They have Holocaust thing. A holy people.

3. Blacks. In some ways, many people fear and even hate blacks. But they love blacks on tv, sports, music, and etc. So, blacks have cool factor. And they got slavery narrative. Now, Asians have tragic narrative too, but watching asians suffer isn’t as dramatic cuz they aren’t good divas of suffering.

4. Homos. This is more recent, but the homo rise is surely the fast and most ridiculous in America. But Homos are holy.

As for the rest, they don’t matter. It’s just the way it is. It aint just Asians. Ask Muslims… who only got some attention FINALLY as pawns against Trump. Who cares about Palestinians? Ok, some in BDS do, but most Americans don’t care. And most American attitude toward Mexican is ‘pick tomaters’. And Hindus are made fun of cuz of their accent, but Hindus laugh along. Hindus do get humor and mockery. In high school in early 80s, a Pakistani twins were mocked by white guys for being Muslims. Whites couldn’t tell different between Pakis and Iranians who were hated then. But the Pakis had a sense of humor about it and laughed along. And they became super patriotic nuts who joined US military and etc.

In the end, it’s not so much the suffering or victimhood but the dramatics, charismatics, and showmanship of victimhood that matters. It’s like when chicken george cried when his chicken got killed. Dang, it was so sad watching Ben Vereen crying with saliva drooling out of his mouth. That got to me as a kid. And Jews created a holy cult of Anne Frank as new virgin mary.
And homos are so flamboyant in their ‘victimhood’.

Expression counts. It’s like Guernica the painting. The actual bombing was minor compared to others. Not many were killed, but Picasso drew a powerful painting of it, so the town became mythologized.

* They will never concede that the country was built by whites.

They do all sorts of mental contortions to create a multicultural past that didn’t exist. We see in movies, education and Google doodles that many people are working hard to make American history simply disappear – replaced with a new, improved and inclusive history that was hidden from us by white supremacists all these years!

* There are probably some better examples out there, but the lack of really any top tier Asian Americans in creative writing or entertainment fields despite their numbers, education, and ambition indicates to me that they tend to lack a je ne sais pas set of positive personal traits you see in similarly high IQ whites and blacks. So Ivy League schools quite reasonably want to see higher SAT scores from them to make up for it.

* Hi Yan,
You fellows are obviously bright as a button and switched on, but we in the West don’t need a billion of you. Stay home. Thanks.

* Asian success undermines the media’s anti-white narrative which is necessary to keep the anti-white coalition pointing at the right target.

That’s why the media like Asians to be invisible.

* Verbally aggressive people in a civilized society generally think they can get away with verbal bullying so physical size only kicks in in environments where normal rules don’t apply.

* When Murray and Herrnstein were working on The Bell Curve, they were a little worried that their centrality-and-immutability-of-intelligence point would actually strengthen the welfare state, because it left less room for personal responsibility. But for some reason, progressives turned out to be much more comfortable with “NAMs are capable of better decision-making but just don’t follow through” than “NAMs are stuck with an ineradicable handicap.”

* I remember well the shock I encountered on first going to east Asia. I was young and foolishly looking for a society that wasn’t based on competition. Buddhism seemed to appeal.
There are no people on earth more competitive! They live and breath competition. That is all life is to them, it seemed. (I’m exaggerating a bit–it wasn’t all that bad, and most I encountered were lots of fun. The ladies could be fun too of course, but there was a feeling of ruthlessness I also got from them, as in (like everywhere) only the baddest muthaf***** interested them.)

* It’s funny how Sullivan explains Asian vs. blacks outcomes through culture, when everyone likely remembers that Sullivan believes in HBD and used to promote open discussion on the topic

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