Lavar Ball Blames White People for His Son Lonzo Getting Torched

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* I welcome more statements like this.

More HBD.

Because whites are slower than blacks, they will be easier prey to black thugs and crime.

Apply truth in sports to the streets.

Yes, I welcome blacks putting down white athletes.

* Ken Pomeroy has UCLA as the #2 Adjusted Offense in the NCAA, so draw your own conclusion.

That said, perhaps Lavar has an algorithm from which he drew his conclusion.

* Perhaps Whites deserve some credit for the fact UCLA exists — and UCLA credit for bending admissions standards to admit his son.

* When you have a real outlet in which to pour your tribal instincts, sports pale in comparison.

* Yeah, realistically having White team-mates lost the game for Ball; and realistically having a Black President has been a disaster for White people in America. So there’s that. Lesson: let Black people do things they are good at — dunking basketballs over other Black people; and let White people do what they are good at: leading the nation, math, science, building Western Civilization.

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