SPLC 2: The Search for More Money

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Paranoia Porn pays well. Parapornoia.

If porn industry turn gentiles into meat, parapornoia industry turns gentiles into monsters.

Paradoxically, the great reduction of real bigotry requires elaborate production of fantasy bigotry.

So, those rich Jewish donors are not clueless. They are not dupes who fear cossacks next door. Their real fear is that the decline of bigotry will ease ‘white guilt’ and make whites less invested in favoring minorities(esp Jews) for ‘protection’. So, whites must be made to believe that there is still a lot of white evil. So, ‘good whites’ must do their utmost to keep the Nazis and KKK at bay.
Also, blacks must be made to believe in KKK so that they will stick with Jews for protection.
Make whites go on seeing Jews as victims of KKK and Nazis lurking here, there, everywhere.
Especially because Jews and powerful, they fear that once whites lose ‘white guilt’, whites will notice that Jews got the Real power. So, just make whites keep on believing that White Supremacism is the great dark force in America. Make whites think of Jews as poor helpless victims. $PLC is publicity agent of this fabricated-paranoia. Of course, it’s hilarious if one thinks about it. An organization called ‘southern’ but funded by East Coast and West Coast Jews AND with ‘poverty’ in its title but worth more than 300 million. Casino Jack was small taters.

Sheldon Adelson and Netanyahu pull the same racket but on even a larger scale. IRAN WILL SOON HAVE NUKES AND WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP.

And Neocons are no better and far more dangerous. “Hussein is getting getting yellow cake from Betty Crocker to bake atomic cakes that will blow up the world. Something must be done!!”

And Hollywood gave us GET OUT!!!!!!! (which should be called ‘get out of here’). TV shows routinely feature magic negroes and loutish whites as villains.

Drama Queens all. It’s like Jewish Mother trying to guilt-bait the son.

These are all Jewish-mama’s-boys-network.

All throughout Jewish history, the four main emphases were on holy righteousness, pleasure of profit, tribal identity, and pride of wit/smarts.

In some cases, there were Jews with genuine merit as moralists(or spiritualists), businessmen, patriot-heroes(like David), or intellectuals(or scientists).

But lowlife Jews like Morris Dees(who lack any real depth or talent) only know the art of hustle. Though lacking substance, they have just enough knack and savvy to mix moralism, greed, leadership, and wit(just enough to pull off a racket). Belfort was shameless sleaze, as are Jews who run porn. But Dees mixes moralism with profit, like the Christian televangelists he surely learned from.

His basic nature? Just a con-artist and heister.

I think there is more pressure on Jews to make it cuz there are so many successful Jews. If you’re a ‘dumb polack’, you are just one of the many. But if you’re a zero-Jew, you seem esp like a loser compared to so many winner-Jews. It may partly explain why some Jews like Stephen Glass of New Republic lied so much. He was hungry for success that is seen as birthright of Jews. (And high rate of SAT cheating in South Korea may also owe to culture of pressure to succeed… or else you’re nothing).

So, Jews who are bright but not bright enough and don’t have the real talent to become rich or reputable turn to bullshi*, like Dees and Bernie Madoff(though Madoff had to have been smarter to pull his stunt) have done.
These Jews are smarter than goyim but not smart enough to be like Google guys, Spielberg, Bloomberg, and others with real talent. So, their shtick is pulling some BS. Saban has to be such Jew. He seems to have lucked out with Power Rangers of all things.
Some Jews pull the BS by giving crap to dumb goyim. Jerry Springer.
Some Jews make a pact with rich Jews to cook up schemes to control goyim. Dees is such guy. There is wink-wink understanding between him and his donors that his real job is to scaremonger to keep ‘white guilt’ racket going.
And neocons are paid by rich Jews to create some ‘new hitler’ around the world so that white goyim will go on rallying around Jews to ‘save’ them. Of late, Putin is the ‘new hitler’, and maybe Trump is ‘clone hitler’.

William Kristol is one of those guys… smarter than dumb goyim like Bush II and Dan Quayle but not smart enough to be really successful at anything. So, he serves the Power and gets a piece of the pie by scaremongering about some new ‘existential threat’. He’s feeling down because the Power turned to him to find some way to stop Trump. His great idea? Have David French enter the race.

But these parasitic Jews like Kristol and Dees wouldn’t be much with really successful Jews to leech off of.

What accounts for great Jewish success?

Some peoples are known for intelligence, some for tribalism, some for strong personality, some for aggression, some for trickery, some for integrity, some for work ethic.

Episcopalians have intelligence and work ethic but weak identity.
Sicilians have tribal identity but no integrity.
Gyspies have trickery but no work ethic and no intelligence.
Blacks got aggression but no integrity and intelligence.
Asians got intelligence and work ethic but weak personalities and no tribalism outside Asia.

Jews have the combination of intelligence, tribalism, personality, aggression, trickery, integrity (and righteousness), and work ethic.

Esp after the holocaust and great post-WWII success, Jews feel a need to be both righteous (and respected) and successful (and admired). But it’s tough to be very successful (even for smart people) and respected (since doing ‘good work’ is time-consuming and taxing).

This burden and desperation (and hypocrisy) were captured in CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS.

* The SPLC has specific policy goals. They use the accusations of racism and anti-Jewism to stifle debate on their preferred policy goals. It is also a money pot for the shysters who work there.

For instance, the SPLC pushes mass immigration in order to attack the European Christian ancestral core of the United States. Instead of admitting that nasty goal, they simply attack all attempts at immigration restrictionism as racism.

President Trump should make it clear that he will cease all contact with any corporate media outlets that use the SPLC as a source.

* There is nothing new about $P£¢’s gelt-grubbing formula.

But calling Morrie Dees a “likable knave” makes him sound more like an old eccentric zayde who pishes in the coal bin and giggles when somebody gets their hands wet…rather than the cold-hearted race-baiting sociopath his career and lifestyle suggest.

He also has had a deeply chilling effect on the progress of the study and development of population genetics and human evolution in the west.

We could have been to the HBD stars by now. Maybe even started getting to the bottom of, say, what ails blacks and what to do about it to liberate them humanely from the DNC’s plantation. Rather than further monetarizing it for the profits of the Deeses, Potoks, and Beiriches.

Instead, we’ve had to pile the money on Morrie’s mule cart.

One might suggest $P£¢ is even indirectly, if not directly, responsible for the deaths of people. Like that Berkeley Hills/Tilden Regional Park jogger a couple years ago–the old Teaching Tolerance guy who apparently was far too tolerant of the brutha who shot him dead.

I’d say Dees is one of the most toxic figures of the 20th century.

* Two big factors in turning people against the SPLC more recently were the Floyd Corkins shooting at the Family Research Council, which was inspired by them and adding Ben Carson to their extremists list for some of his comments on gay marriage. After that, mainstream Republicans became openly dismissive of the SPLC and pushed back against their attacks. People like [Brit] Hume finally figured out they could be the next ones in the line of fire.

* In a past life, my Jewish ex-gf used to speak fondly of the SPLC, much like she did the ADL (as in, “these are good people!”). She referred to both of them in expanded form, not acronyms. She had the sort of reverence and respect for them that an 80 year old might have had for Readers Digest, back about 30 years ago.

She was a big fan of hate crime legislation, and would bring up that gay guy who was dragged behind a truck. Because it was obviously legal to do that to gays, I guess it was totally admissible in court to say “Look your honor, I caught him blowing a dude in the bathroom, so I was forced to drag him behind my pickup until he expired.” “Ok, case dismissed!”

* I’ll admit that it can be interesting to browse the SPLC hatelist database. Obviously, the profiles they do are biased to no end, but it’s nice to have a wiki style encyclopedia of all the thought criminals, past and present, in one place. If nothing else, it serves as a good jumping off point for further reading.

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