Haaretz: Mounting Threats Against Jews Leaves Security Expert Baffled and Concerned

Gary* writes me: Will you keep on flirting with the Alt-Right now that they’ve resorted to desecrating Jewish tombstones?
My humble opinion is that the time for good relations is probably over.
The latest spate of bomb threats and desecration of Jewish graves is clearly on the Alt-Right.
Fits part and parcel with making life so uncomfortable for American Jews, that they all leave to Israel.
Jews are cowards if they leave to Israel out of pure fear.
I can only appreciate Aliyah if it’s done out of religious fervor. Anything else is cowardice and surrender.
I’d say it’s the Alt Right who should be afraid.. Unlike German Jewry, American Jews will have guns this time around and will fight back.
We can be vicious too.
And we will be.
It was all fun and games until now.
If the Alt-Right wants a fight, they will get one. They will begin to miss the relatively benign act of doxing, too.
You’ve got to be kidding me if you think the Alt Right= Evangelical Christians. The former view the latter as “Cuckservatives”. Nothing in common.
For Evangelical Christians, Jews are a necessary vessel for Redemption and Biblical prophecy. For the Alt-Right, Jews are merely Rats and Cockroaches (or worse, human viruses) assuming the form of human beings. So, to conflate Evangelicals with the Alt-Right is intellectually dishonest, at best.
The difference between Spencer and Andrew Anglin is the means by which separation is to be brought about… For Spencer it is voluntary self-deportation, for Anglin it is internment and death squads.
As for Israel.. My thoughts are mixed on the matter. Ideally, Israel is the home of the Jewish people, but practicalities govern and hold that Arabs will never accept a Jewish homeland in the Levant. Maybe the Anglos on the southern island of NZ would be willing to take Shekels as compensation in return for moving to mainland OZ or the northern island of NZ…
And the Palestinians can then choke on the abandoned land of Israel.

Luke Ford: “Alt Right simply short for Alternative Right, which is a big tent. One meaning is simply an alternative to conservatism’s practice of “invade the world, invite the world.” Another meaning is a white nationalism that is inherently xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic. Only low-rent populist versions of the Alt Right regard Jews as rats. Alt Right intellectuals recognize Jewish gifts and strengths, but many simply don’t want them in their country. Let Jews shed the light of Torah somewhere else. Different groups have different interests. For example, every major Jewish organization in the US supports immigration amnesty. A goy who does not want to be replaced would be weird not to have some negative feelings about organized Jewry. Outside of faith statements, there are no objective good guys nor bad guys in the universe, there are just different forms of life competing to survive.”


The waves of bomb threats against Jewish institutions and high-profile vandalism of Jewish cemeteries are challenging accepted notions of anti-Semitic attacks, a prominent Jewish security expert told Haaretz Monday, warning that the threat of violence has reached unprecedented levels.
Paul Goldenberg, a former law enforcement official, is the national director of the Secure Community Network (SCN), is more concerned about attacks against Jewish institutions “than ever before during my entire career as a law enforcement officer.”
“In the past 45 days,” Goldenberg said, “there have been 190 incidents against Jews and Jewish institutions throughout the United States. This is unprecedented, we don’t know how to explain it, and, frankly, I’m worried.”
The SCN is a not-for profit organization established in 2004 by the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and the Jewish Federations of North America. According to its website, SCN is “exclusively dedicated to homeland security initiatives on behalf of the American Jewish Community.” In this capacity, Goldenberg liaises with the FBI, which is responsible for criminal investigations, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is responsible for ensuring security within communities.
Security officials have also noticed an increase in neo-Nazi activity throughout the country, especially on websites.  “Some sites have even put up pictures of Jewish children, as if they were targeted.” 
Goldenberg reveals that, since the wave of attacks against Jewish Community Centers began less than two months ago, security officials “had a working theory that the calls all made by the same person.  But I don’t think that any longer.  Not since the desecration of the cemeteries – that’s a very different kind of activity, with a very different symbolism.  At a minimum, we’re talking about copy cats.”
On Monday, at least 21 Jewish centers, including eight schools, received bomb threats in the fifth such wave sweeping the United States. According to the JCC Association, Monday’s wave brought the total of called in bomb threats over the last two months to 89 incidents at 72 locations in 30 states and 1 Canadian province.
On Sunday, a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia became the latest victim of vandalism, when anywhere between dozens to hundreds of headstones were broken and toppled. This was the second incident in as many weeks, after hundreds of Jewish graves were desecrated St. Louis.
Goldenberg says the pattern of the threats and violence is different from what he has worked with until now.  “In the past, such attacks were tied to geopolitical events – like Israel’s war in Gaza, for example.  So we could hold our breath and know that when the situation calmed down, it would end.  But there’s no such connection now.”
SCN makes security recommendations to Jewish communities throughout the U.S. and in Europe – although he declined to specify what these recommendations are and noted that SCN has no authority to mandate the implementation of any such measures. 
SCN also provides training for security personnel in Jewish institutions.  Over the past two weeks, Goldenberg said, they have provided telephone training to over 1,000 institutions, more than 800 of them in a single call-in.  They also provide on line training (https://scnus.org/training/scn-homeland-security-and-preparedness-training-center) and files of best practices.
Throughout the interview, Goldenberg emphasized that he has no doubt about the unwavering commitment of the American law enforcement establishment to solving this problem.  “American law enforcement is taking this very, very seriously and is totally committed to apprehending whoever is doing this.”

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