Trump’s News Conference Was Epic

Because I feel that Trump is on my side, I don’t mind his character flaws so long as they are part and parcel of a package that acts in my group’s (white Americans) best interests.

If I felt that Trump was not on my side, I would hate his character flaws and use them to demean him. But I like Trump’s agenda, so when he is nasty and economical with the truth, I don’t mind much because he’s on my side.

Of course Trump gets annoyed at the antisemitism question. Because we won’t accept the answer, so he can’t give it: That there is rising antisemitism, in part, due to our behavior. But we won’t listen to the answer. Not a chance. And he’s not going to humor us with usual blame it on the goy nonsense.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Yeah, on some level it seems not even to have occurred to the media that if it goes quite deliberately into a relentless attack on Trump, and even announces to the entire world that that is what it’s going to do (because they “must not normalize Trump!”), then they will be helpless before an equally relentless and direct counterattack by the most visible person in the world, in which they are accused of ginning up Fake News and phony controversies and acting as if they are the opposition party.

It’s actually almost funny to see the media now taking terrible offense at the idea that their attacks are contrived, that they don’t deserve to be treated like a genuine press with standards of objectivity, that they aren’t serving the American people but only their own fanatic partisanship.

You have to believe that many in the media know in their hearts that they’ve completely forfeited the right to be regarded as an honest broker of the Truth for the American people. Anybody taking even the most cursory glance at recent front pages of the NYT sees any claim to balance or objectivity as ludicrous on its face.

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