Does America Benefit From The Presence Of Millions Of Foreign Students?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Far more Americans are against the influx of foreign students than you give credit for.

Even the Young Turks argue that US colleges should obviously give preferences to American citizens ahead of foreigners. The bottom line is that money talks. It doesn’t really have that much to do with PC, so I would argue not a case like HBD where a minority viewpoint is getting shut down due to political correctness. Most people realize that as exemplified by institutions such as college athletics, where there’s money there’s bound to be corruption in our college system.

Chinese birth tourism, while it obviously sucks on principle, doesn’t seem to be as overwhelming a problem as people sometimes make it out to be. IIRC the most recent numbers I read were that there were ~60,000 or so such births in 2014. (Now one could argue whether or not that in fact is overwhelming.)

* Universities in the UK and especially Australia also admit large numbers of overseas students, lots and lots of them Chinese, and charge them pretty much full fare in most cases.

This story at UCSD is really interesting. If Chinese students (and their money-hemorrhaging parents) start to wake up to 1) how much they’re being discriminated against in terms of college entrance requirements; and 2) how much they’re expected to pay in comparison to other students, there could be some fireworks down the road.

* For all of Mao’s and Stalin’s many many flaws neither of were in the slightest PC or pro-diversity. Celebration of ethnic diversity is a complete heresy in the eyes of a committed Marxist because it distracts from the class struggle, which is supposedly the only struggle that counts. Both Mao and Stalin considered that Mankind’s goal was to create a technologically advanced, educated society based around a canon of great works and noble historic figures, with no tolerance for deviant sexual behavior, superstition, “feudal traditions” or any sort of 3rd world romanticism.

* The expression “politically correct” originated in Soviet Russia in the 1920s, and meant any opinion approved by the bolshevik party. In the USSR it fell into disuse later on, but was adopted by the Chinese communists, who used it extensively in the 1960s during the cultural revolution. This is whence 1960s counter-culture types took it, but it only became widespread in the 1980s. Its meaning is essentially still unchanged: it still means anything approved by the official far-left propaganda outlets.

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