Let’s Jew People Up!

Steve: You test your people, Luke Ford.

Seth: I’ve always asked the question can you Jew someone up.

Luke: I love it. Can you Jew someone up? I say we need to reclaim and remake these slurs, like gays did by embracing “queer” and rappers did by embracing n…

I gave charity this morning and Jewed the guy up.

I shared ancient Hebrew wisdom this week with a goy and did a big mitzvah. I really Jewed him up.

I blogged about the benefits of social cohesion and high public trust that comes from ethno-nationalism. I really Jewed them up.

Israel is a light unto the nations. We’re Jewing up humanity just like Isaiah demanded.

When I see a guy with a yarmulke, I know that even if we might hate each other normally, when stuff goes down, he’s got my back.

It’s a shame that whites don’t have the equivalent of Jewish Community Centers where they can enjoy unity, cohesion and trust. I think a White Community Center would really Jew these guys up.

I just flirted and joked with an ugly shiksa and made her day. I really Jewed her up!

How can Jews reclaim the k*** word so that it connotes something positive? Asking for a friend at the ADL.

Amy Schumer’s not fat, she’s zaftig.

When the moshiach comes, the goyim will be lining up to invest in my hedge fund.

That shayg should be grateful a Chosen One even took his case, and he should not kvetch about fees. Yeshivas are expensive!

Yeshiva boys don’t tend to be PC. One I know has named his chickens “David” and “Duke.”

I’m ready to talk publicly about my addiction to self sabotage.

Just told a wife with laryngitis, “Your husband must really miss the sound of your voice.”

When I get caught doing something wrong, my motor functions freeze. It’s like a mini-stroke and it gives me away that I’m guilty. Must overcome! But how?

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