‘Unleashing the Power of Whiteness: Will Trump Follow the Belichick-Brady Playbook to Make America Great Again?’

Best explanation I’ve read for how the Patriots won and the Falcons lost.

Highlights from the thread at Steve Sailer:

* Here’s the real HBD question: How come New England always seems to succeed with short, white wide receivers?

How good is Brady that he makes these guys look like all-pros? Or is it Belichick just that good at creating offensive schemes? Or both?

I always route for the team with the most white guys, so I’d suspect that I’ll be cheering for the Patriots, though I don’t know that for sure.

* The Superbowl is the one time of year when we get commercials that aren’t explicitly anti white male. Too many people are watching and analyzing them, rather than just consuming. If anyone noticed the pattern in the commercials they might start noticing things.

* We’ve already had the first cultmarx, huddled massses piece of propaganda from Coca-Cola before the coin toss. Someday no one will realize that American women once didn’t wear hijabs.

* Highly politicized commercials for #Superbowl put the rootless cosmopolitan ideal of America front & center. Whites are depicted as minority.

* Actually there are loads of people on the left who endlessly analyze the demographics and implications of commercials and raise a fuss if they’re insufficiently anti-white male. The only difference is the right-wing is starting to do it now too.


* That game was eerily reminiscent of the election.

* Belichek is good at appraising undervalued talent. Interestingly, these players seem to disproportionately be white.

There’s a perception that black players have more raw athleticism, but whites are better team players. I wonder what Belichek would have to say on this issue.

* Stats:

N.E., Atl.

1st downs 37, 17

total yards 546, 344

time of possession 40:31, 23:27

3rd down conversions. 7/14, 1/8

The wonder is the game was as close as it was.

* He’s not the greatest natural talent, but he’s among the most disciplined QBs of all time, which coupled with one of the greatest coaches has made him one of the greatest QBs of all time.


* With one possible exception, Belichick never has the most talented team on the Super Bowl field. He essentially fired his most talented defensive player mid season this year because the guy kept going rogue. He is the master of putting his talent into situations where the player’s talent can play and his limitations will not be exposed. Thus opportunity arises for white players as well as second tier black talent. We hear “Do your job” over and over again.

* Should we expect to see the following headline in the NYT anytime soon: “Unleashing the Power of Whiteness: Will Trump Follow the Belichick-Brady Playbook to Make America Great Again?”

* Bill Belichick has been playing Moneyball for years, and much more successfully than Billy Beane.

Belichick has no problem signing flashy black receivers- he made great use of Randy Moss, after all . But he has a big problem with overspending on any player not named Tom Brady. He’d rather have one highly paid stud QB surrounded by 47 well paid, smart, functional players than 12 highly paid superstars surrounded by 35 minimum wage losers.

That means Belichick will take 3 good, undervalued white receivers in the fourth round rather than one All-SEC receiver in the first round. More bang for his buck.

What may be going on with the white receivers is a phenomenon I first saw articulated by Keith Norris, a trainer out of Texas. He played college football and while fast, wasn’t the absolutely fastest guy on the field. His experience was that the ridiculously fast guys, the very top end elite sprinters, had two things that worked against them in football. First, was that they have a tendency to be injury prone. The second is that they don’t seem to have as much endurance as the guys on the next level. They will absolutely beat you on a limited number of sprints but oftentimes they fade and their speed drops off due to fatigue. What Norris noted from experience is that there are some players who are really fast, though not necessarily the fastest in a single sprint, who can maintain that speed all afternoon. They seem to make the best football players.

To put it into real numbers the three white receivers for the Patriots all run in the 4.5 range in the 40 which is fast but not the ridiculous numbers some of the defensive backs put up in the combines. Alford, for Atlanta, was listed as a 4.39 with a 40” vertical. What we may have seen in the 4th quarter is that by the end of the game the Patriots receivers were actually the fastest guys on the field. It certainly looked that way. Belichick may not look at it this way, he may simply see that they can get open and catch the ball when it’s thrown to them.

* It’s very similar to how Gregg Popovich pointedly avoids loading his roster with American ghetto blacks. Most of his players were in a different environment in their formative years, many of them overseas. The terrible basketball habits of American blacks are something we sports fans can’t talk about. Everybody in the media now raves about Gregg’s methods, but virtually nobody tries to emulate them.

* It’s also a–mild–rebuke to the notion that “women and minorities” are “underrepresented” in for example Silicon Valley tech, because of discrimination. Sure, there may be–no doubt is–some bias based on (true) stereotypes. This case suggests that’s possible–at least if the bias is toward blacks. But it also suggests that even in a very limited market (32 firms), *someone* will take advantage. Some firm in Silicon Valley would be snapping up all these un\under-employed genius women programmers … if they in fact existed. In fact, by analogy some woman run firm, should be sort of waving the welcome mat, and filling their skilled tech positions with these underappreciated women.

* Belichick fielded a SB team a few years back that had 10 white starters on offense. Belichick finds players that fit the Patriots system and discards with impunity any players that don’t or won’t play his way. Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones were All-Pro level defensive players that were traded this year pre and mid season. Amendola, Edelman and Hogan will go across the middle of the field, just yards from the line of scrimmage, and Brady hits them with a low fading pass that gains a first down and minimizes the hits they take. Hogan played two years in Buffalo and his Patriot playoff stats are better than his career stats with the Bills. Belichick and his staff don’t seem to overthink the game, unlike Jon Gruden who analyzes every play like it was a quadratic equation. Rex Ryan, the recently fired, and deservedly so, coach of the Bills, had 29 assistant coaches on his staff. I personally think Belichick gets close to the SB with Brady, Offensive Coordinator Josh Mc Daniels, Defensive Coordinator Matt Patricia and the rosters of most NFL teams.

* One of the unique things about football as a sport — and which makes it the most interesting for me — is its inherent complexity. It deploys 11 men on each side in every play, and bad play by any of them can be a disaster. It has many more moving parts, and each part has to “do his job” precisely for the team to succeed on any given play. Sports IQ plays a bigger role in football than in any other sport.

As critical as speed may be, higher Sports IQ can easily become the winning factor.

I think Belichick understands this, and chooses his players accordingly.

* I have always suspected that Roger Goodell actually did Brady a big favor by suspending him for the first four games of this season. This no doubt gave Brady legs in the brutal NFL season, especially considering his age. One thing that seems to be a consistent sign of an aging quarterback is that they play less well toward the end of the season than at the beginning.

In general, one thing that seems surprising to me is that more substitution isn’t done in football. Obviously, the Atlanta defense at the end of the game wasn’t playing at the level it did at the beginning of the game. Why don’t teams routinely swap players in and out?

* Jester, in December when the Bills played the Browns, Cleveland’s starting QB was Robert Griffin the III, who sadly is a shadow of his former self. The Buffalo News printed an interview with the Bills corner back, Nickell Robey-Coleman and I will quote his take on RG III. “He wasn’t just a regular African-American Quarterback, I felt like when he came into the league, he had the mental capacity as a Tom Brady type guy, when you hear him talk, he’s so articulate, he’s very intelligent…” Nickell, whose name rhymes with Michelle, is black, so this is an interesting perspective. Buffalo News, Sports section, Dec.17,2016.

* A couple of years ago on Inside the NFL, Jason Whitlock caused an uproar when he pointed out that the Patriots specifically look for players who grew up with a male in the home. Their rationale was that such players respond better to having older men yell at them and tell them what to do all day. Obviously this meant a disproportionate number of black players would be excluded. The male role models didn’t have to be fathers, but stepfathers, uncles, older brothers, coaches who would fill a similar role. I guess they still do this. I’d like to see them draft Christian McCaffrey.

* Pats have ridiculous schemes requiring adjustments at the line and after the snap depending on the positions and actions of every player on the line and the backers. You have to be highly intelligent to play slot/wideout/offensive lineman on the Pats because every defensive look is different and you have to pick it up and when he goes to where you should be, you better BE THERE, or else. Top that off with every opponent requires extensive film study and you come to the final reason Blacks don’t succeed in complicated themes: hard work. Failure to pick up the system has led to the cutting and awarding of a sandwich and a road map to many a Black wide receiver at the Pats.. They just don’t seem to have the smarts to play McDaniel’s system. I suspect Michael Floyd, picked up from Az. a few weeks back is a case in point. Percy Harvin from Indy came to camp, took one look at the playbook, retired. Ocho-Sucko, was another one. No good. Many Blaxx have passed through, they mostly don’t have it. And rest assured, when Belichick uses Blacks, they are high-football-IQ that at least grasp fundamentals.

The Pats and Brady and the White receivers are playing Chess, the Falcons with their Black receivers were playing checkers, the Falcon’s schemes a bit more complicated than high school offense, but just barely. Matt Ryan is stuck with them, HE could do better, but his receivers, Black all, will never.

* Green Bay is often the second whitest team in the NFL. They have had great success as well and won a Super Bowl with a half white team in 2011. Shame they did not meet New England in the SB this year.

But the league is getting blacker as formerly white positions like QB and O-line become “caste” (meaning most coaches, owners and fans believe only blacks should play these positions because they are supposedly better athletes).

Example? The LA Raiders had exactly 5 whites and 47 blacks on their roster this year. Even their punter was black. Of the whites, 3 were QBs and 1 was a kicker. They had exactly 1 white starter (QB). Their white coach, Jack Del Rio, did something similar at Jacksonville a few years earlier.

Did you see any worried articles on this? No?

I played a bit and the black players lobby the coaches to play “they boys” at QB and other positions even if a white athlete is better. Sometimes far better. White athletes are the same as whites everywhere. They know it and see it but keep their heads down. Better not to make trouble and hope for the best.

And no coach or owner will ever get anything but plaudits from fans – including most white fans – for starting an almost entirely black team.

* We Raider fans know how many penalties we incurred too. This year, we survived them; usually, we don’t.

GM Reggie McKenzie has made every effort to hire “good citizens” and many of them are very involved Christians, like him.

* Makes me wonder how high Randy Moss’ “football IQ” is. I can’t say he’s an idiot in regular life, but he does lack impulse control, which correlates with low-IQ. He often showed poor impulse control on the field, as well, but he also blew the game wide open and was one of top 5 best wide receivers ever to play. That couldn’t have been all natural talent.

Moss made it in the Belichik system, for a while at least. Is that because Brady, Belichik, and the coordinator Moss-ified their playbook, or did he catch on to that notoriously complex system? If so, how can there be such a wide apparent gap between football IQ and regular IQ?

* Generally speaking, defenses tire quicker than offenses. The Patriots controlled time of possession. As bad as they looked on the scoreboard in the first half, they had plenty of long drives that wore on the Falcons’ gastank.

* It should be noted that Lady G was political. She started singing God Bless America. Then she went into This Land is Your land. Old former lefties know that this land was a rebuttal to the God bless song. After jumping off the roof, at some point she sang Born this way.
This song is her excuse for the gay lifestyle.
She was very subtle. You had to know the symbolism to understand her.

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