The Wall Street Journal Vs America

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Wall Street Journal owner Rupert Murdoch and WSJ editorial page editor Paul Gigot may surpass most Jews in their support for nation-wrecking mass immigration. Gigot is notorious for allowing Jewish writers to push for mass immigration in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal. Very rarely does Gigot allow a writer from the European Christian ancestral core of the USA make the case for immigration reductions.

Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens is a Jewish writer who routinely states that European Christian Americans are not the ancestral core of the United States. Stephens thinks that there is no ancestral core of the United Sates. Bret Stephens is dead wrong.

Bret Stephens has recently praised a bit of slop written by another Jewish person who does not recognize that the USA is a European Christian nation-state.

Gigot saw fit to add to the Ellis Island emotionalism by allowing a WSJ associate book review editor by the name of Bari Weiss write a vapid piece on the protests surrounding President Trump’s decision to temporarily suspend some refugee admissions into the USA.

The Wall Street Journal article was entitled “A Trump Protest Under Lady Liberty’s Gaze.” The female Jew who wrote the article is no friend of the European Christian ancestral core of the USA. Her intention in the article was to use the imposition of White guilt as a weapon to smash her enemies. We know what your doing.

Rupert Murdoch, Paul Gigot, Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss all push open borders mass immigration and amnesty for illegal alien invaders. President Trump and American patriots will no longer pay any attention to the politically correct crap that is destroying us.

* Alliance with Jews who promote homomania as new religion.

Only Jews who reject or completely pervert Judaism. (Alas, such individuals now make-up the majority of those ethnically or genetically Jewish.) You may not like (even authentic) Judaism but at least be accurate and honest enough not to confuse or conflate it with Cultural Marxism/SJW-ism. Judaism, as anyone at all actually familiar with it would know, is quite unequivocal and unambiguous in condemning homosexual behavior.

Cons: Increasingly silly and tiresome. Decadent and dissipating of Western spirit.

Oh, it’s much more than that.

First, the hideous reality of male homosexual buggery (i.e., anal penetration) alone is that it is an inordinately disease-promoting, gruesome and brutal* pseudo sex act. Defiant indulgence in this anatomically and physiologically unsound, inherently unhygienic but completely voluntary* behavior continues to come at a heavy a price in already-strained public health resources, to say nothing of human lives. And since these are communicable diseases we are dealing with, their proliferation places everyone at some degree of risk (health care workers and blood transfusion recipients would seem the most obvious but even anyone who merely spends any time in a hospital, for example, is subject to some degree of risk as well).

*Graphic content

That would be more than bad enough. The perniciousness, often quite insidious, of the “LGBTQ” lobby and its agenda, however, does not end with the mere sanction, promotion and subsidization of buggery alone but goes much farther. Nor even does it end with transmania, as utterly insane and truly corrosive and dangerous that is. (So much so that it has gone too far even for a number of “respectables” who have been fully-on board for the rest of the “LGBT”, or at least “LGB”, agenda.)

Obviously, this thread is not the place to elaborate much further. Its title, however, does provide a segue to mention what is perhaps the least recognized (or, at any rate, least acknowledged) area in which “LGBTQ” indoctrination– specifically, the incredible success it has had in normalizing anal buggery– has contributed to societal dissolution. This is the increased incidence of this vile practice among heterosexuals. Females have faced increased pressure from their male partners to submit to this dangerous, painful and humiliating act. Can anyone doubt the convenient expedience in persuading their invariably (instinctively) reluctant female partners (or, perhaps more accurately, toys) that resorting to the “homophobia” card has provided for these young, porn-fueled males? (“What’s the matter, Suzy, you’re not homophobic [sic] now, are you?” “Millions of ‘gays’ can’t be wrong…”) That’s a real war on women– and girls. But don’t expect to see much indignation about it from the likes of the “pussy”-hatted marchers.

(As a currently popular to transgress taboo among youth, buggery, particularly of the heterosexual variety, is said to have taken the place that fellatio previously held. The taboo and stigma of the latter no doubt having been considerably lessened during Bill Clinton’s Presidency, as a direct result of the Lewinsky scandal and the lurid headlines it generated.)

* If there was a single reason why I became furious and signed on with the alt-right, even with people who probably want me exterminated, is because the homomania people brought about the pronoun “they” and began to force people to agree to it.

I couldn’t do that. That was my last straw. Let the world burn.

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