Steve Sailer: Actual Muslim Protester Women Turn Out Not to be Shepard Fairey’s Orientalist Hijab Fantasy

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* From where I sit, far from commenting on the actual flag-desecrator’s pulchritude, our host is pointing out something important about the Official Left (TM) purveyors of anti-US/anti-nationalist images and discourse:

They aren’t representing and celebrating the Other.

They depict westernized features and fetish when representing melanistic women, and ask us to believe they are celebrating the Other. Because of some Edge they introduce into the image to distract us from their game.

For starters, the flag-desecrator in the photo/video has a near-unibrow, no cheekbones to speak of, chipmunk cheeks, gappy teeth, and rather coarse skin texture. She looks Mexican to me (and I just notice since typing that that there are signs in Spanish in the background). But she looks like a lot of the chubby Mexicano studenten I see around Pugetopolis who aspire to a sinecure in the Grievance Studies business.

By contrast, the fetishized flag-desecrator in the poster looks more like a supermodel than a chubby Wise Latina who picks the rotting strawberries (the supposed poster children for open borders).

It is important that the artist didn’t trust himself to represent, say, a dumpy or older or leathery Muslim or Hispanic woman, but instead a sultry young woman with highly westernized features and Gaze.

This image is about sexual fetish. Not politics, or national policies involving borders, or vetting immigrants, or anything else. Like nearly all advertising in the (((Age of Bernays))), this one is designed to tweak libido. That is a strategy for restructuring the reproductive or consumer or resource-use urges of those the advertiser is trying to influence.

Even the artist knows this. One of the standard bodice-heaves of 1980s academic postmodernism was how disgusting it was that artists represented women looking at the viewer–The Male Gaze it was called. It was considered a form of rape (seriously) by the more lefty elements.

How interesting, then, that the Left is now representing brown women with the same Male Gaze they used to revile in Renaissance painting. Except now the pleasure principle involves throwing open borders so that white men can have fetishes about/mate with brown women with approval/without guilt, because Trump fascist Hitler imperialist racist something something.

* In the movie The Godfather, there’s a scene where Don Corleone is giving Michael some advice about life. He says, “I spent my whole life trying not to be careless. Women and children can afford to be careless, but not men.” It’s a great line and it was true for most of human existence. The role of males in society has always exposed them to the greater risk. That and male competition has often been for keeps. When the stakes are high the room for error is smaller so men have always had to be the less reckless of the sexes…We live in a soft age where women run most things so that means we live in a careless age as well. All sorts of silly and ridiculous things are indulged because the margin for error seems endless.

But the “margin for error” isn’t endless — it just seems so — women are extremely foolish and careless in these and other matters.

I posted before that women voted overwhelmingly for the Green candidate in the recent Austrian election — even though the Greens are the absolute worst on the migration issue — here is a link to the twitter page of Simone Peter — she is a leader of the Greens in Germany — take a look at her twitter page — is there even a hint that she cares about Germans?

* This fantasy about veiled women has been around for a while. I seem to recall that Mark Twain wrote about his infatuation with veiled Muslim women. That is, he felt that way until he actually visited the Middle East, as chronicled in his travel novels. As I recall, he wrote that the reality of Muslim women was so far from the fantasy, that he lauded Muslim men for their fortitude in actually marrying more than one.

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