Mexico First


* In other news, the NYT reported that the president of Mexico “reiterated his commitment to protect the interests of Mexico and the Mexican people.” The New York Times declined to condemn President Nieto’s “Mexico First” policy, and did not compare President Nieto to Hitler.

* Washington DC has a worst murder rate than Chicago! Why doesn’t Trump do something about it, right where he’s living

* All of which are in some shape or form linked in large part to black people.

1. Blacks generally take more from the system than contribute. Their low incomes don’t generate enough taxes. Since their communities are high crime the homes aren’t in demand so little comes in the way from their property taxes.

2. Their social dysfunction leads to higher policing, schooling & other municipal expenses. A good example of this is to compare the sizes of the police forces in Baltimore to Boston. Boston has fewer officers than Baltimore & cost Boston less.

3. Their voting styles lead to leaders who are often marginal & corrupt. They tend not to hold politicians accountable if they pander to their sense of victimhood. Often time corrupt black leaders will cry racism after beung charged & the community rallies around them.

* Just Google mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Detroit to see how the Detroit black community rallied around their corrupt mayor and his equally corrupt Congresswoman mother, who rallied the blacks by saying: “Don’t let them do yo boy this way” after he was indicted.

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