NYT: Trump’s Baffling Threat to “Send in the Feds” to Chicago Is a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* “He meant locking up more black and brown folks,” said Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, addressing the City Council here on Wednesday morning. “Just like Republicans, just like right-wingers have always done.”

* Incarceration is a strategy that works; it is one of the few methods at their disposal; and Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, alleged political leader in Chicago, wants to take it off the table from the start ‘Because Racism, and the Wrong people are using it’.

* I’m trying to get this straight: it’s OK to send the Feds in provided they issue a report decrying your police department as racist thereby ensuring that said police will further withdraw from doing their jobs which results in more murders of black bodies by black bodies – which is what the Obama administration did, but it’s not OK to send in the Feds to actually try and prevent more murders of black bodies by black bodies because? ? ? ?

* The best thing you could do for Chicago, Baltimore, and St. Louis is institute an aggressive Stop, Question, & Frisk policy. I know that’s considered trampling on the rights of blacks and Hispanics by the New York Times, but it has to decide whether it wants to deal with the reality or pretend that you can govern a large NAM population under principles developed in the Anglo-Scottish Enlightenment and meant for a civilized people.

* I’m not sure there is really a problem to solve here. The residents of the ghettos where the vast majority of these murders take place seem to prefer the current situation to the Bad Old Days of stop & frisk/proactive policing. Carry on and let us know when you’d like to try something different.


* Why sterilize the women?

Much easier to identify violent juvenile and young males.

Get hardcore about handing out stiff sentences for young hoods and drug dealers.

Offer reversible chemical vasectomies as a condition of parole. See Risug/Vasalgel

Sperm bank enough semen if case of failure of vasectomy reversal.

No reversal if there is any recidivism.

If the offender has a clean record after ten years pay for vasectomy reversal and offer cash reward.

In case offender goes clean and vasectomy reversal fails pay out generous settlement.

As far as the minority women are concern offer them if they prove they can hold down a job and not have any bastards a shot a getting inseminated with the sperm of a relatively high IQ or successful black man with the government paying additional welfare benefits.

* The problem with violent young male offenders is only secondarily that they are excessively promiscuous and fecund. It is primarily the effect of testosterone on their other behaviour.

We neuter cats and dogs to make them more tractable. The objectionable behaviour curtailed by doing so includes fighting with other animals and marking what they regard as their territories, typically by micturating on its landmarks.

There are parallels to this to be observed in the activities of inner-city gangs. Graffiti replaces urine as a medium for delineating territory; guns and knives fulfill the functions of teeth and claws. The same remedy should be considered – let us introduce the Bloods and the Crips, MS-13 and Los Zetas, to Dr. Burdizzo’s behaviour-modification device.

* I thought Operation Head Start and Midnight Basketball were supposed to solve this sort of thing. What happened? We’re losing future scrabble champions and rocket scientists too quickly these days and it’s not even summer yet. Chicago’s unofficial anthem is Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’.

* I like rap albums that have “conscious” tracks about police brutality and the systematic oppression of the black community alongside tracks about selling narcotics, pimping and murder. Like you haven’t thought too hard about this have you fella.

* I think the societies\nations that embraces eugenics–or at least take it seriously–will be the winners. You can’t sustain an “everyone lives” nation, much less a welfare state, without some sort of eugenic policy to compensate for lifting the burden of nature. The anti-eugenics–Hitler!–crap that’s been pushed on the West, is one reason the West’s future looks so dire. We have zero societal discussion of the most critically important social policy.

* Just as Reagan used to leave the White House every night to sell crack, spread AIDS, and impregnate under age ghetto dwellers, so too Trump flies to Chicago every night to do drive by shootings against groups of innocent teens and youths.

* When attempting to control feral animals, it is the females you have to remove from the breeding cycle. Miss one male and he can still breed all the females in the pack/herd/ghetto.

That is why many states require you to fill a doe tag or two before you can take a trophy buck. Culling the does reduces the population in the long run. Culling males just culls males.

* It should be mandatory that anyone receiving welfare is sterilized for as long as they receive benefits. We should not have to pay extra for it, and anyone receiving welfare should have to work or attend school even if it is a government job breaking rocks or painting project houses. Welfare should not be generational nor free. People who are unwilling to work or better themselves should get nothing.

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