Remembering Mike Enoch In Happier Times

I’m relistening to his show with Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer) from December 20, 2016.

Mike: “This is the most interesting podcast on the Alt Right that you are going to hear. What is the likelihood you would get all three of us on one radio program?”

Andrew: “In the future, this could be more and more likely.”

Richard: “It could be the Nightly News.”

Mike: “We’re all here to show solidarity. We’re all on the same team.”

Andrew: “And more or less on the same page.”

Mike: “Why not? It’s The Current Year. Why not?”

Later, Andrew says: “It’s good. They’re now saying that Steve Bannon is a neo-nazi. Think about how great that is. These words no longer have any meaning. They say Trump is a Russian agent and a neo-nazi!”

Mike says: “Considering that all three of us are Russian agents and neo-nazis, we can assure you that Steve Bannon is not. We are running him out of the Kremlin.”

“I’m more incognito. The press doesn’t know who I am.”

Richard: “I probably should not have married a real Russian.”

Later, Andrew says: “We should take over the Republican party.”

Mike: “We’re definitely doing that.”

Richard: “I’ve got a lot of contacts in Washington, and I’m told that every cocktail party talks about the Alt Right and Richard Spencer.”

“We are what the Left has always wanted the Right to be.”

“We’re interesting. Do you really want to interview Rick Santorum? These liberals aren’t dumb. They want to talk to someone who shocks them and gets their wheels turning in their head. They’ve listened to this conservative BS for decades. It’s tiresome. They want the real dope.”

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