The Meaning Of Nation

Comment: A nation isn’t just about ideas and values, but ethnos and history. It’s about roots and identity. After all, if a 100 million Hindus, Chinese, or Nigerians believe in ‘British values’, should UK allow them in? Well, UK may still remain ‘democratic’ and have night clubs, but it won’t be UK anymore. It’s like Israel is more than about ‘liberal democracy’. (Besides, it is a nationalist-democracy than a liberal one.)

This is truer of Europe than of the New World nations.

New World civilizations were created from above, that is to say they didn’t grow from below, from the soil(even though one could argue that successive generations of white pioneers and settlers did produce a narrative of roots and history). When the Europeans arrived in the New World, they had already developed highly advanced civilizations in the Old World, and they had a ready-made formula for what to do in the new land. Spanish imposed from above their Spanish system of rule and culture.
And Anglos in the North imposed from above their formula already developed in Britain.
It’s like, if we were to settle Mars, we would be doing it from above. We would land on Mars with a formula for civilization and it would be an extension of what we have on Earth. It would not be a civilization that organically and independently grew from Mars soil.

In contrast, every European nation is organic. It developed from the European soil by peoples who’d settled in certain parts for eons. Even though there were migrations and flow of ideas and sciences, certain peoples came to be identified with certain lands as the burial grounds of their ancestors. Thus, the land became the motherland. So, those civilizations grew from the ground. They rose from below than was imposed from above. So, each European has a deep and rich history. So, what globalism is doing to Europe is far more terrible and tragic than what is happening in the New World of North and South America whose roots are shallower and where the civilizations were imposed from above over whatever — savages or native civilizations — had existed earlier.

Globalism cut off white Europeans from their ancestral ties. They no longer drill into the past for the rich oil of history that fuels pride, inspiration, and will to survive. They’ve lost their vertical connection to the soil below them. They just have a veri-horizontal relation to globalism that connects all nations with the same offering of glossy pop culture, PC, and pseudo-cults like homomania. They are offered the synthetic plastic of globalism that says all cultures and peoples are ‘fluid’ like 50 genders.

It’s funny. Progs tell us that it was a terrible thing that happened to the American Indians and Blacks. American Indians were expelled from their ancestral lands, and they were cut off from their roots. They were forced to pledge to the US flag and worship a different God. And same with blacks who were cut off from Africa and cultural roots.
So, there’s been much noise about how it’s important for blacks to look back to Africa, reconnect, and enrich their identity with this reclamation of organic history and ties.

But when Europeans seek the same by rejecting inane & trashy globalism and dig into the soil of memory and history for identity, roots, and heritage, it is condemned as ‘far right’ and evil. Or, it is associated with Nazism. But in fact, the blood-and-soil aspect of Nazism was not the evil. I mean what harm could have come of Germans feeling a deep connection with their own land? The evil resulted from Germans violating the blood-and-soil sacredness of other peoples such as Poles, Czechs, and Russians. And in the end, it was the love of motherland that inspired the nationalists to resist and roll back the invasive Nazi tide. Nazi evil was imperialism, not blood and soil. Blood-and-soil ideology is about sticking to your own sacred land and respecting the sacredness of other nations to other peoples.

Merkel is the evil bitch because she has despoiled her own motherland by inviting mass invasion and then put pressure on other nations(some of them victimized in WWII) to also surrender to mass invasion. (She is like one of those low-life single-mothers who invite ‘boyfriends’ into her home and look the other way while her daughters are raped.) Merkel is just a ‘liberal Hitler’, and both came undone by violating the rule of blood-and-soil, the idea of a civilization that, instead of being imposed instantly from above, developed gradually, richly, beautifully, and tragically over a long long period on a particular patch of land.

A civilization form above is like taking a full-grown tree and sticking it in a new ground.

A civilization from below is like a big tall tree that grew from a seed over a long time on the ground it stands. It has a truly organic tie to the land.
Europe is like that, but globalism turned everyone so shallow and amnesiac.

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