Cory Booker’s Future

Comments: * “Booker’s got chops. White weemen panties gonna drop once he gets that voice and condescending tone perfected.”

* Pretty sure he plays for the other team. I think the only reason he hasn’t come out yet, is that he’s saving it for a Cait! style media blitz, when he announces his Presidential campaign. This would serve, both to differentiate him from Obama and to suck all the oxygen out of the room for competing candidates like Warren, Biden etc. Bonus iSteve benefit, is that there is no telling how high the Boteach-Diveroli clan can rise under a Booker presidency. Why, Shmuly and Cory’s reconciliation, might tempt Oprah to come back for a 2 hour live special! Short of elevating Golf Architecture to a Cabinet position ( a distinct possibility, Booker is an avid golfer!), nothing would illustrate the fact that American politics/culture’s ultimate purpose is as Steve’s content provider, better than a Booker presidency.

* Rumor is he already makes white wimmins panties drop…. but he hides those panties’ owners out of state so the black women will vote for him.

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