Mike Enoch and Andrew Anglin talk to Richard Spencer about his Texas A&M event.

This is a darkly funny podcast from Dec. 20.

I thought there would be more hatred of Jews on the show with the Daily Stormer but that is hardly mentioned.

Richard Spencer: “The first time a goy defeated a Jew in a verbal duel in 200 years.”

Andrew Anglin: “Even Hitler lamented that he couldn’t defeat a Jew in a verbal argument.”

Southern Poverty Law Center: Richard Spencer seems to have given up on putting a spin for reporters on what happened during the National Policy Institute conference last month, when his supporters responded to a toast by throwing stiff-arm Nazi salutes to the stage with cries of “Hail Trump!”

In the media maelstrom that followed, Spencer was quick to dismiss criticisms that his suit-and-tie class of racists had gone fall-on Nazi by claiming the salutes were simply a misunderstood expression of “exuberance and irony.” But it’s almost impossible to believe that now.

Last week, Spencer sat down for an interview with two leading extremists on the “Alt-Right”: Mike Enoch who runs TheRightStuff.biz blog and Andrew Anglin, whose website The Daily Stormer –– a site that has surpassed the popularity long held by Don Black’s Stormfront –– traffics in endlessly vile anti-Semitic memes and heralds President-elect Donald Trump as “Our Glorious Leader.” The interview was posted on Enoch’s blog under the title “Between Two Lampshades,” a crude reference to the post-World War II myth that the skin of victims of the Buchenwald concentration camp had been used to make lampshades.

Calling the interview the first meeting of the “The Triumvirate,” the conversation turns on discussing their hopes for a new America under Trump and the possibilities of an ethnostate that would halt illegal immigration and give way to an all-out assault on immigration from any non-European nation. (It’s worth noting that all three are in favor of eugenics and IQ tests to determine the suitability of people to be citizens.)

In clear terms, the interview was a public relations effort for the newly united front between Spencer, a trust fund beneficiary, Anglin, an internet troll known for bragging in a video leaked online about his “jailbait,” Filipino girlfriend, and an obscure New York blogger who frequently appears on Spencer’s podcast. But Spencer seems to be willing to forge an alliance with the very factions of the Alt-Right he has tried to distance himself from using his family’s wealth and his own educational pedigree.

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