Google’s “Triumph of the SJW Will”

Steve Sailer writes:

In answer to my question “What Were the Trends and Turning Points That Led to 2016?,” commenter O’Really observes:

I think the annual Google “Year in Search” ads represent an interesting window into these trends.

For many years, they followed a similar template with inspirational images from the worlds of sport, technology, and celebrity, usually culminating in a disabled kid walking with a space-age prosthetic. Here and there, a few token PC images (e.g., rainbow flag) are tossed in for a few seconds.

Then, one year ago, the whole thing becomes essentially Triumph of the SJW Will, literally narrated by Caitlyn Jenner:

The brazenness of the world’s largest corporation and source of information issuing this level of propaganda was, for me, jaw-dropping.

Needless to say, the most recent Year in Search ad is a little less triumphalist, but no less revelatory of the SJW mindset:

By the way, is the Free Hugs guy being celebrated by Google at 0:24 the famous Free Hugs guy, the Hug Thug Jermaine Himmelstein, who finally got put away in 2016 after all those years of punching girls in the face in Times Square?


* The 2016 video seems to be missing an important event. Some guy, who’s supposed to be the most evil man in America, got elected president.

* Google, from Larry Page on down, feels it is acceptable for women to be punched if they don’t want a free hug as long as the hugger isn’t one of the white patriarchy. There is no conflict in ideology. Only haters feel it is wrong for women to be beaten, raped or subjugated when white males aren’t doing it.

* Jesus H Christ! You weren’t kidding Steve. Who did they subcontract this video out to, Huffpo? Robby Mook? Soros? Definitely 2015 and 2016 are qualitatively different from 2014. This is the sort of mindset that is ok with sweeping 1400 rape victims in one town under the rug, because Don’t Be Evil.

On the plus side, the comments that youtube allows and the videos allowed are a testament to free speech.

* Uuggh, I never actually heard Caitlyn Jenner speak before (I tend to consume far more information by reading than watching or listening, enough that sitting and listening to a speech is is a significant investment of time, and usually not time I’m going to waste on listening to a tranny delivering an SJW triumph). Whether the eye might be fooled by the transgender artifice, the ear is most definitely not. Add visceral reactions to transgender uncanniness as another thing that probably got Trump votes.

I have to wonder if there’s ever any talk between the departments of Google and Facebook that handle marketing (the part that deals with selling or utilizing data about people’s preferences, including what they’re searching for and interested in) and the departments that handle “SJW compliance,” whatever it’s called (the ones who basically decide what goes down Google’s predictive search memory hole, for example). They have to really be working very much in utterly different universes.

OT: the 2015 Google video had a clip of Holly Holm in her successful upset in 2015 against Ronda Rousey, who just lost again last night, badly, getting pummeled for 48 seconds before the referee stopped the bout. This might not be worth anything, if one figures that women’s MMA, or professional MMA in general, is trash. But I find some sort of cultural and physiognomic significant in the brief career of Ronda Rousey, a relatively pretty, healthily-proportioned, All American girl-type athlete, who had some success using grappling and judo techniques for a few years, before eventually being bested in the Darwinian world of combat sports by a Brazilian lesbian who looks like a prison inmate. UFC saw fit to make Rousey a major “face,” in large part I imagine seeking female viewership that could identify with wanting to be a Xena Warrior Princess-type, rather than an Orange is the New Black extra-type.

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