Are Nazis Marching On Whitefish?

Richard Spencer says Dec. 24 (86 minutes in): “Tanya Gersh in Whitefish began this campaign against my mother, claiming that she is in contacted with Love Lives Here, a local left-wing hate group, and she was going to use this group to protest my mother… My mother owns a facility here that caters to tourists.

“Tanya Gersh said to my mother that she needs to sell this building and that she [Tanya] will be her realtor. In my mind, it was extortion.

“It is interesting how things have changed. I haven’t heard from Gersh, but the rabbi, the naked rabbi, his moniker, has thrown Tanya under the bus, and that Tanya was not in charge of this, and we were not trying to engage in a kind of racket, that we will protest you unless you sell. Love Lives Here has distanced itself from Tanya Gersh.

“The narrative they are spinning is that these Nazis are attacking the town of Whitefish. Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer has been very explicit — nothing illegal, we’re just going to troll the hell out of these people.”

“You’re freaking out over the Alt Right presence in Whitefish even though my presence in Whitefish is to walk around and go skiing. I don’t attend city council meetings. I don’t express opinions on politics in this town. This idea that I am trying to change the town is ridiculous. This whole situation is extremely painful.”

“These people aren’t used to people like me and my mother fighting back. My mother released Tanya Gersh’s email and they don’t make [Tanya] look good. They are used to pushovers and they are not used to people fighting back.”

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