Sustaining The Jewish Journal Of Los Angeles

The Jewish Journal seemed to me like the most hysterically anti-Trump of all Jewish publications (almost of which were hysterically anti-Trump). Given that Trump got about a third of Jewish votes, why would anyone on the Right support the Jewish Journal?

There is no better time of the year than Chanukah, the festival of lights, to honor the beacon that high-quality, community journalism shines on our community and our world.

As a community-based nonprofit, the Jewish Journal relies on your generous support to shed light on the complex issues facing our world, particularly at this time of great uncertainty.

You come to the Jewish Journal, time and time again, to read independent reporting from Los Angeles, Washington, New York and Jerusalem, as well as wide-ranging and civil Jewish opinion.

The need for a publication like the Journal to provide perspectives from across the political ideological spectrum – but rooted in Jewish community and values – is now more important than ever.

Help sustain the flame of the Jewish Journal burning brightly in our community and beyond for this generation and the next.

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