The Jewish Alternative: A Manifesto

Reactionary Jew posts:

A third goal of ours is to change the paradigm of US-Israel foreign relations. This means working towards weakening or reforming international globalist institutions like the UN, which by their very nature tend to act against the national interests of both whites and Jews. Moreover, we’re in favor of an Israel more generally independent: we oppose US military aid to Israel, which is little more than a diplomatic thumbscrew used by the US to dictate Israeli domestic and regional woes, and easily replaceable from within Israel’s budget. We’re skeptical of traditional neoconservative foreign policy in the Middle East, which has done little but prove itself to be dangerous, expensive, and ineffective. At the end of the day, we want Israel to become a normal country like any other: with a free hand to act in the region as it sees fit, unfettered by endless condemnation from a self-righteous international community, and no longer a fulcrum of Western foreign policy dealing with a tense internal perpetual entanglement. We want to see Jews move to the state of Israel in the highest numbers possible, along with the annexation of Gaza and the West Bank.

Where do we disagree? Ari Ben Canaan is a secular Zionist who drinks eggnog with his porkchops on Hanukkah; Reactionary Jew is an Halachically-observant Orthodox Zionist; Joshua Seidel is somewhere in between. Of the three, Josh could be said to be the furthest left of all of us, and closer to the so-called “alt lite” than either of the other two. Whereas RJ sees Jewish identity as fundamentally rooted in an understanding of traditional religion, Ari sees Jewish identity only as a matter of common heritage, ancestry, and history. RJ and Ari believe Jews should, ideally, live in Israel; whereas Josh believes that Jews can have a permanent place in the West. We believe that these diversities of opinion are (((our greatest strength))), and hope to develop both our agreements and disagreements as we continue to publish and podcast.

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