Donna Zuckerberg on Pickup Artists Roosh V and Ovid

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* If Zuckerberg’s brother had learned some game, this man, one of the richest men in the world, maybe wouldn’t have ended up married to a peevish, career oriented Chinese (reminiscent of Ellen Pao) who is likely to give him only one child, bossing him around relentlessly.

Beta is as Beta does.

* I read “The Game” around 2006 (I was 22) and I couldn’t put it down. I devoured it in less than 72 hours. It wasn’t exactly a manual, it was a story. I never studied or employed actual Game “techniques” — one didn’t need to. But the book was like the Rosetta Stone of women (that simile is used in the book as well).

I started getting laid about 10x more. Let me pause here to beat you all to the joke:

ten times zero still equals zero, buddy-ro

With that out of the way, I’d like to say that “Game” in our day and age was simply the masculinity of another era. It’s like how our venerable host has written that the reason Mad Men is so popular is that everyone secretly longs for the bad old days when women were women, and men were men.

* Not being fat is about as big a class marker as you’ll find in this country. To be sure, many plump women and portly men circulate in high society, but the difference between classes is still considerable.

* If one likes easy women then one goes where the easy women are. Bars are the natural habitat of the schtuppable so that is where one goes.
The problem with the “easy women” is that they want to overstay their welcome. That is the virtue of the professional. They are paid to not be there in the morning.

* I haven’t read Return of Kings or Roosh’ blog for a long time, but I do follow Chateau Heartiste/ Roissy. He can, of course, defend himself, but my read of CH is that his advice on game is to give beta males a “fighting chance” in the dating game. The traditional beta male attraction was his stability and the hazards that women faced in unprotected sex with alpha males who refused to commit (e.g., pregnancy and abandonment). Effective female contraception and economic self-sufficiency have minimized those hazards, so women feel free to have sex with alphas and ignore betas, at least until their sexual market value starts its precipitous decline in their early 30s. “Game” gives a beta male a shot at those women while they are still in their prime–the alpha has “natural game,” and little need for CH’s advice. I’ve never detected in CH a dislike for well-socialized women who decline to ride the “alpha cock carousel.”

* Because men and women are different.

To a man, an unwanted sexual advance from a woman is at worst annoying. To a woman, an unwanted advance, especially in isolated or unfamiliar surroundings, is often a terrifying experience because there’s always [to her] the implicit possibility of being beaten and/or raped if she refuses.

In simpler terms women pose no physical threat to men, while men pose a very serious physical threat to women.

One thing feminists and many male anti-feminists have in common is the tendency to selectively play dumb about the differences between the sexes.

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