WP: Surge in foreign students may be crowding Americans out of elite colleges

Washington Post:

U.S. applicants to elite schools are largely unaware of the growth of international enrollment and what it could mean for their chances, said Bruce Vinik, an admission consultant in Montgomery County, Md. He said the subject could draw “pretty strong” reactions from students anxious about whether their top-choice schools will accept or reject them.


* I hope there is an equally strong reaction from the parents, i.e. people who can vote and give money to pro-American political candidates.

* My first reaction was that it was because of the money made from foreign students, but the article decisively nixxed that.

This caught my eye though:

“Yale’s push to globalize accelerated after the school celebrated its tricentennial in 2001. The university is one of a few to say that it considers all applications, domestic and foreign, without regard to financial need and meets full need for all who enroll.

“A big advantage for us from a marketing perspective,” said Dean of Admissions Jeremiah Quinlan.

Several international students said they applied to Yale because of that policy. The full price of tuition, fees, room and board exceeds $65,000 a year. That doesn’t include plane tickets and other expenses.”

So not only do you get the passwords and secret handshakes to be admitted to the places where the real money is made (Wall Street, some others), you also have less debt than if you went to one of the really good public or competing private schools?

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