Men View Women As Sex Objects, So What?

Dennis Prager writes: 1. It is completely normal for heterosexual men to see women they are sexually attracted to as sex objects.
2. That such sexual objectification is normal and has nothing to do with misogyny is proved, among other things, by the fact that homosexual men see men to whom they are sexually attracted as sex objects. If heterosexual men are misogynists, homosexual men are man haters.
3. One reason for this is the almost-unique power of a visual to sexually arouse men. Men are aroused just by glancing at a woman’s arm, ankle, calf, thigh or stomach, even without ever seeing her face. Those legs, calves, arms, etc. are sexual objects. That’s why there are innumerable websites featuring them.
4. Every normal heterosexual man who sees a woman as a sexual object can also completely respect her mind, her character and everything else nonsexual about her. Men do this all the time.
5. Most heterosexual women also see sexy women as sex objects, and they are hardly misogynists. Ask your wife or girlfriend which would turn her on more: watching a male strip show in front of a female audience, or a female strip show in front of a male audience.
6. Lucky is a couple if the man can sexually objectify his partner. The longer a husband can at least occasionally regard his wife as a sex object, the better their marriage. It is not always easy to see the woman you see every day, the mother of your children, as a sex object.
7. The whole purpose of lingerie and other sexual attire is to render the woman a sex object in her partner’s eyes. Are all the women who wear lingerie, bikinis, cheerleading outfits or whatever else turns their partner on — and hopefully them as well — haters of women?
8. If your husband denies these assertions, he is lying to you because he is afraid that you will react angrily or that he will hurt your feelings. He may also be lying to himself — after all, he, too, went to college and reads liberal opinion pieces on misogyny; and he wants to be an “enlightened” male.

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