The #AskaJew thread begins now! Bring it!

Darren Melamed Why are Jews so wimpy?

Chaim Amalek Because they can be and still succeed in most places. Let the goy build up his muscles, we yidden rule with our brains.

Darren Melamed But if they were more thug like, then the Nazis, Palestinians, etc, would leave us alone and pick on a meeker race/nation.

Chaim Amalek Yes, but to get thug-like, we’d have to spend time doing physical things instead of learning Torah.

Chaim Amalek Of those Jews who knew who Jesus was during the last month of his life, about what fraction was unhappy to see him put to death by the Romans?

Chaim Amalek Why aren’t you married?

Chaim Amalek If you are a real Jew, then why aren’t you rich?

Darren Melamed He’s not real, he’s synthetic.

Darren Melamed The real Jews can sniff him out in a second.

* How much of Jewish success in the West stems from gentile passivity?

Chaim Amalek I don’t think the Jews of Russia, Germany, or Poland in the pre-war era were so successful because the goyim weren’t paying attention to them. They simply out-thought and out-competed their goyishe competitors. The goy is, well, a defective form of life. Just look at what has happened to Scandinavia, the UK, Belgium, etc. Not the work of Yidden, but of goyim. And goyellas like Angela Merkel.

* I fear the day the Saxon advances himself as an ethnic group with grievances. When the Saxon begins to hate, watch out.

Chaim Amalek No such thing as a “Saxon” these days.

Are the goyim going to ask for affirmative action at the expense of Jews and asians?

Chaim Amalek The goy is too damn stupid to demand affirmative action for himself.

* In the mud of modern Los Angeles, I just saw a pure gleaming baby and his angelic mother.

Eric J. White You may be stoned.

Chaim Amalek Did it make you wonder “Now why didn’t I try making one of my own when I had the chances to?”

Miriam Lilian D Or Probably just a nativity scene. Don’t get your hopes up, Luke, she’s just a statue.

* “Why are European & American men fighting in Syria, while Syrian fighting aged men get shipped off to Europe and America to collect welfare?”

Chaim Amalek You might as well ask why LBJ sent 500,000 American men to fight on behalf of the South Vietnamese when the North Vietnamese had no similar reliance on the fighting men of China and the USSR. The answer is: because your average goy is a damned idiot. Take away his Jewish idols and he is utterly helpless. He’s like a mighty machine tool that still requires instruction from outside to function.

* If America is not Christian, it will become hostile to Christianity. There is no neutral approach to life or nation. Church/Vatican needs to become basis of sovereign political power–achieve nation state status like Israel. Otherwise, nihilistic liberalism reigns.

* Chaim Amalek “White Zionism” — It’s happening.

Chaim Amalek Frankly, the comments on this article are deeply disturbing and point out, again, the grave danger posed by the internet to progressive ideals.

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