Nena Cherry aka Dawn Anderson

Geoff* emails: Came across your article you wrote in 2008 about her death. I met Dawn in the 1990’s by way of a mutual friend at a small bar in west Houston. I did not know who she was at the time. Not too long after that, she turned up working at my wife’s bar as a waitress. I did recognize her then, she was sporting her blond hair and I recognized her tattoos from having seen some of her videos.

She did have a website, which we asked her to take down as condition of her employment, since our bar was turning into Nena Cherry Central: guys bringing in videos for her to autograph. She was up to her old tricks taking multiple staff members home for sexual encounters. I guess she just could not get the wild life out of her system.

Having followed your online jousting with her, I knew enough to stay clear of her.

My wife was bipolar and when I asked her why the fuck she hired her, she said that Nena needed help, and if I understood my wife, she saw a kindred spirit in her. My Ex was like that, collecting broken birds so to speak. Her employment did not last long, she was too undependable. She lost her house, her marriage, yeah, she married some guy she met in a bar.

Fast forward to 2002 or so, I stumbled on to her on line advertising as an escort. I called her up and she remembered me. I took her out for lunch, just to say hi. I always liked her, even though she was bat shit crazy. I met her at a public park in NW Houston and we went out to a bar for a drink and something to eat. She was living with some guys, bikers, and seemed to be moving from one crash pad to another. We talked a while then went to another bar, and she introduced me to some of the guys with whom she was currently crashing.

According to her she hung out at a number of biker bars on the west side of town. At the time she still seemed in good health and did not look to have a full blown case of HIV yet.

We parted ways and I wished her well.

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