The Healthy Majority

It’s not easy being a minority. Minorities all over the world have it hard. It is much easier to go through life as part of the majority.

A healthy majority culture does not bend to its minorities, as America does. It demands that its minorities bend to it or leave. A healthy majority culture makes demands on its minorities. A healthy majority culture requires its minorities to provide for their own welfare. Why would a healthy majority culture subsidize leaching behavior?

A healthy majority cultures requires that its minorities be model citizens, that they exceed the good behavior of the average member of the majority, because all things being equal, the more racial and religious diversity, the less social trust.

In America, the minorities tend to be less honest and trustworthy than the white Christian majority. A healthy majority starts deporting minority groups who can’t live up to its demands.

Israel is not strengthened by the presence of two million Muslims. A healthy Israel would deport them to the level and rights accorded to Jews in Saudi Arabia.

When you expand minority rights, you might feel you are doing something wonderful for everybody, but this expansion always come at the expense of the majority’s cohesion and strength. Life is a struggle between competing groups for scarce resources. As minority rights have expanded in America over the past century, the rights of the majority have diminished. A hundred years ago, WASPs were the ruling class. Their mores were the country’s leading mores. They occupied the high ground in culture, academia and politics. And now they’re weak. Why such a group would voluntarily surrenders its leading role is a good question. Call it, The WASP Question.

In the interview, Andrew Fraser says: “The leaders of American white nationalism…such as Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson. They’re all WASPs but they appear to refuse to identify themselves as such and do not seem to feel any strong bond with other WASPs. They prefer to think of themselves as whites or pan-Europeans. I think that is not just a pity, but an example of the ethno-pathology that seems to debilitate WASPs. If you are an Italian-American or Irish-American or Swedish-American, people are eager to express solidarity with their co-ethnics. WASPs are not like that. I think it is a great weakness… The idea of white solidarity is a bit intellectual and abstract.”

“The Alt Right no longer identify with Christianity nor the cult of the Constitution. What sort of religious element is there in the kind of white identity the Alt Right wants to construct?”

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