An Israeli Academic Enlivens The Radix Journal Discussion Of The Nazi Salute

If you love your group, you don’t let outsiders determine what rituals you perform.

Comments at Radix:

* It’s funny because the gesture is related to (((Hollywood))) films. The Italian fascists picked it up from (((epic))) films like 1907’s Ben Hur…




Note to Richard Spencer, when you are being interviewed by an aggressive and rude person like Roland Martin, you need to just to plow through and talk over them until they shut the hell up so you can make your point. Trump just keeps saying excuse me until the interviewer stops talking.

* I thought that Richard accounted himself as well as could be expected in such a forum. What he said was perfectly reasonable. It just needed more force and persistence to get through the hosts attempts to talk over him. Martin is obviously an affirmative-action clown; only blacks, cucks, and dimwit lefties could think that he made better points. Martin even retailed that old afrocentrist BS.

By the way, when rebutting the afrocentrist arguments, it might be a good idea to cite Mary Lefkowitz’s book “Not Out of Africa”. In addition to being a sound, scholarly, and of course correct – take town of these black-supremicist fantasies, it will force the black defender to attack the author, which will dredge up a whole bunch of baggage and create some dog-whistles that only the SPLC and ADL can hear.

I think Richard should have zeroed in on the whole “race-doesn’t-exist” line more. Clearly race does exist and is a biological category, and denying it is expressing belief in a kind of creationism. This tack might not work with Christian believers, but to liberals and the harder left, it might have some effect. Leftists need to be made to admit that they are embracing creationism. The resulting disgust it will cause in them, might make them reconsider their unthinking no-race nonsense.

* First, stay away from imagery and rhetoric associated with the Third Reich. It didn’t work well from 1933 until 1945 and it hasn’t improved with age; it’s the most toxic brand in existence. Most of our ideas can be expressed perfectly well without referencing or invoking Nazi Germany. Second, the Trump win is a respite, not a permanent victory. The best news is that the possibility of war with Russia just dropped from one in five to one in ten thousand. The potential good news is that Trump may crack down on illegals, build the wall, and reform immigration to drastically limit non-white immigration. He may also reform trade and stop the job hemorrhaging. The bad news is that the Democrats aren’t wrong on demography–the proportion of white people in the population and the electorate will continue to diminish from changes already “baked into the cake.” By 2024 it may well be impossible for a Republican to win even with Trump’s strategy. We need a stategy to create a space in North America in which whites can live without large numbers of other races that act essentially as parasites on the white body politic. Trump isn’t ready for that, but the groundwork needs to be laid.

And take heart, Richard. At most this was an error of style, not substance.

Where is Gregory Hood? I’ve been waiting for his analysis of the election. I hope that he is not ill.

* I think most of the motivation for using Nazi imagery and symbolism, comes from the fact that it triggers jews and swipples so easily.

* Thank you for publishing this. I had been disappointed and turned off by the allusions to Nazism in your speech and by the salutes, and am glad to know there was some facetiousness involved.

I say this as someone who loves German culture, and admires much that the Nazis created, and thinks that the framing Adolf Hitler as the Devil is ridiculous. But Nazi philosophy and behavior was cynical, dishonest, and oppressive toward conscientious dissenters; and most fundamentally its gods were false – not evil things, necessarily, but not the Truth. That is not behavior I want to see my people – and especially my fellow race dissidents – emulate.

* Richard Spencer clearly does not have the personality of Adolf Hitler.

Intelligent people understand that the NatSocs were not perfect, and that they were a different people in a different place at a different time under different circumstances.

But the (((media))) is going to call us Nazis anyway. That means we have freedom to culturally appropriate Hitler’s NatSocs. And like all cultural appropriation, we get to pick and choose what we like and discard the rest.

I dont know if the “hail” and the roman salutes should definitely be repeated in the future, but the enemy long ago forced our hand. We must make our decisions without regard to how the judenpresse will react. As for Joe Blow normies, I imagine the media’s complete loss of credibility over the last 18 months to all but the dumbest of leftists means that most people won’t take the bait. Any reasonably intelligent normie would refuse to trust the media’s spin and go straight to the source. And if the source material is a bitter pill to swallow, it will only become less bitter as the left ramps up its anti-white rhetoric.

In ten years time, its possible that people will wonder how we were ever a fringe group to begin with.

* This type is legion in The Right Stuff and Daily Stormer’s fan base. They seem to be genuinely unable to understand Nazi Germany exists as an historical set of facts independent of Hollywood or the latest media tizzy. They think anyone who has a problem with the National Socialist regime is a fool who’s been gaslighted by normies.

* When I first saw the pic (I only glanced at it) I thought it was RamZPaul, Richard Spencer and Tila Tequila and found the picture amusing and a sign that finally things are changing and no one cares anymore about the nazi taboos.

To come and realize RamZ cucked, Spencer is on the hotseat, (neither of which were in the photo) and Tequila banned from twitter were shocking to me. Then I see everyone on here (not TRS or DS but on here) acting like complete wusses is surprising and pathetic.

I wish it were my first impression, because in reality it doesn’t matter. It’s good to see the cowards and Alt-Light separate from us over this though.

* Hillary Clinton’s Reno speech and the Trump family’s occasional Pepe tweets are what made the alt-right suddenly the talk of the town. TRS and Anglin acted as tard wranglers to point the surly, stupid trolls in various directions. That served a purpose during the election but is worse than useless now.

* You people are still egalitarian at heart. You assume that everyone, every normie, is exactly like you. This is the same attitude that normies have toward blacks. This is why you think that we can convert them with reason and respectable cuckservative programs. “If only i can prove that im not as offensive as they think i am…” Youre a racist, but youre trying to pretend that youre not.

The eternal normie will follow what he believes to be status quo and safe. The alt-right, with its racial message will never be safe. Therefore, stop trying to turn them. You cant. And stop reacting to the jew-media.

* I didn’t start identifying as Alt-Right until I saw the term adopted by TRS and Daily Stormer as apart of this coalition. Not that I didn’t know it existed before, just that it was a part of the movement I saw as largely impotent.

“We all alt-right now”

So now that we’re all a part of this big happy family, let’s get you a buzzcut, a pair of doc martins and a folder full of pepes. We’ll have you memeing for the White Race with your arm aligned at the perfect angle in a Roman salute in no time.

* Our enemies want us to forget our history, our myths, our legends our symbols, our ancestors.

We will NOT. To forget all that will be a fate worse than death.

To our civilizational enemies and their allies (the traitorous among us), I say, – FUCK YOU.

* I think we are missing an important fact here. They would have found something to run with, and so they picked the lowest hanging fruit. Everything we say and do smells like farts in the Prog Cathedral. Had the Roman salutes not gone up it would have been something else we would have started infighting over the propriety of. Fuck em.

We are all Nazis to them. even the most theoretical and passive Nrx is just fucking Nazi scum to them.

What are we going to do, pare down everything that triggers these people?
If we talk about lower taxes and smaller government we get called Nazis.

I was proud and never questioned it. Well done and great speech and interviews since.

They are humourless, nattering, moralizing meddlers who wouldn’t know humour if it knocked them over the head and stuffed them into a gas chamber.


* Anyone who hasn’t read the Facebook comments on the Atlantic video should do so.

Tens of thousands of likes on comments calling us the most vile things and wishing violence upon us. One comment I saw even said the building should have been barricaded and everyone in it burned alive.

The reports about Maggiano’s omit the assaults committed by “protesters”, as does the Maggiano’s facebook post about the evening. They also donated $10,000 to the Jew supremacist shakedown racket known as the “Anti-Defamation League.”

Richard and others encourage nonviolence if not outright pacifism, apparently under the idea that if normies see violent leftists attacking peaceful identitarians then we will gain public sympathy. This tactic was used by MLK and his followers but they had the media and other Gutmenschen on their side. No matter what happens to us, the left will simply ignore it or spin it to make us look bad. With this in mind we must question the wisdom of nonviolence.

* Ari Ben Canaan: Whites, even those who can be redpilled, hate anything that smacks of Nazism. Spencer himself said this for years. But, drunk off a Trump election that he claims to have “willed” into being, he has apparently forgotten all this.

* If you’re a Jew who believes in identity and nationalism, why do you care about the alt-right? You have a movement, it’s called Zionism. I have to question your motives for offering advice and guidance here.

* I care about the Alt Right because I grew up in a White country that I love among White people that I love steeped in a White culture and tradition that I both love and consider in part my own.

* Israel is in the Eurovision Song Contest and the European Football championship. That’s your white country. A lot of people died so YOU could move there.

* I’ll make you a deal, when your coreligionists stop attacking and slandering our activists, persecuting our people, and encouraging our displacement, then I’ll start considering your ideas.

* More concerned with them slandering, persecuting, and displacing our own people at the moment. See, for example, this multi-culti Jewish cuckoldry from the #1 liberal Jewish publication in America.

* Ethno Nationalists should have a special respect and support for other people who seek the same thing for their own kind.

* Sounds right. Although I still care a bit more about White identitarianism than I do about Samoan identitarianism, to be fair.


* It´s troubling for a WN movement when a Jew´s comment is among the best comments on the situation.

* Be strong, be adamant and be that Barbarian sacking Rome. These memes have a destructive energy in their use as well. They will destroy and replace a dying, decadent, old worn out society within something vigorous and powerful. The memes break down the systems shibboleths.Tearing down their institutional statues of Lenin.

Who cares if people Sieg Heil at a private conference? It’s always been about “fuck the cuck”. As long as people do these things ironically, they serve their purpose.

What I was worried about was the co-option of Alt-Right but that never happened (They’re the New Right now). Spencer, I think you need to disavow RamZPaul for being a complete coward and sell out. We don’t need cowards nor the Alt-Light going forward.

* I like how Richard handled this. Still, though, there’s a strong undercurrent of suspicion among many on the internet that Richard and Radix are soft on the JQ, and that makes it easy for negative attention to come his way from the people who matter. A lot of people interested in nationalism these days view Richard as a possible source of cooperation with world Jewry, in which America expels Mexicans but continues to embrace Jews–which will, of course, only result in the return of the Mexicans.

The media has never granted Kevin MacDonald this level of publicity, and I propose to you that his ability to address the Jewish Question is why. Richard getting mainstream access is fine, but if he stays soft on the most important racial issue of all, either he or all of us are ultimately going to lose.

* I think reasonable people can disagree about the JQ to some extent.

Ashkenazim have obviously had an overwhelmingly disproportionately destructive effect on the US, the west and the world.

To paraphrase Barbara Spectre, Jews are playing a leading role in the dispossession and extinction of whites.

But it does bear pointing out that NAJALT.

And more importantly, it is necessary to point out that for every Jew, anti-white or not, there are ten self hating white goyim and ten more cucks for Israel.

I’d like to hear how harping more on the JQ would help us get out of the hole we are in.

* A national policy institute is not, and should not be, interested in rare exceptions as far as advocating or formulating national policy. I know some great Jews as well, just as I know a few reliable Africans and lots of great mestizos, but everything we’re discussing here is about the social health and coherence with which genetic proximity provides us. Anecdotes aside, history has shown us that we can live peacefully with:

1) Small numbers of supervised blacks and indios;

2) Small numbers of slightly-less-supervised mestizos;

3) Moderate numbers of unsupervised northeast Asians.

However, history has also shown us that even the tiniest number of Semites will cause the following to occur:

1) An increase in the population and social influence of Semites;

2) An increase in the population and social influence of all other non-whites;

3) The development of horrific ideatic cancers in exponentially increasing numbers of whites.

Without Jews, self-hating goyim and Christian Zionists would not exist in noticeable proportions. Again, I have to ask: hasn’t everyone here already read everything Kevin MacDonald has so thoroughly and painstakingly documented? For over a thousand years, European cultures have been destroyed by Jews, and have written warnings about it, and because of modern historiography and computers, we can look at the specific and amply-proved ways that Jews in the U.S. have spent the last two centuries developing the problems we have now. Absent Jews, whites do not act like cucks–Jews are the foundational toxin that is necessary for all of the following to occur:

1) Welfare to support the breeding of invasive sub-species;

2) Anti-family movements to depress our own reproduction;

3) Immigration movements to seed our communities with discord;

4) Foreign wars not in our interest, to weaken our youth and treasuries, and earn us new enemies;

5) Atrocious financial systems that extort us and disincentivize creativity and industry;

6) Childhood education teaching us that our blood and history is evil and does not exist (sic).

Without Jews, we would have no problems with Muslims. No problems with blacks. No problems with mestizos. Jews brought the blacks and Muslims here and continue to empower them. Jews force us to honor Mexican invaders. Without Jews, we would have invaded Mexico and shut down the (((cartels))) as soon as they shot ONE of our citizens or border patrol agents.

If every single black, Muslim, and Mexican vanished tomorrow, Jews would soon be bringing new ones in, forcing us to pay them EBT, and growing fresh populations to use against us. The first racial separation must be between whites and Jews, or else all other racial separations will fail.

* WHY are whites so susceptible to jewish subversion?

* Because we are the most autistic race. Or as Bowden put it our race is characterized by thought. We follow group selective altruism which means we put a lot of value on ideas and symbols, so controlling ideas and symbols gives enormous power over the population.

Sweden should be the test case for the concept. A relatively small, very homogeneous population coming out of a phase wherein they were a dominant power (as in no recent revolutionary mythology in their past to fuel skepticism of authority) and a media that is basically the sole proprietorship of a single Jewish family. A single Jewish family can jerk the whole of Swedish society in any direction they want it to go which is something that you could never do to say South Africans to get them to accept Nigerians or any other outsider Bantu tribe.

* Well, this is disappointing.

How empowering it was to hear that Spencer basically flipped off the media at the NPI conference, with his defiant last line.

But how dismaying to see this retreat — all become some alt-lite (((self-promoter))) decided to kvetch about it.

I had a feeling, on election night, that victory would have one of two effects on the Alt-Right, one good, one bad.

The good one would be emboldenment, a spirit of defiance. What we saw at the conference.

The bad one — which seems to be now supplanting it — is that, given a taste of victory, the Alt-Right would fall into the trap that conservatism fell into: the very trap that cucked conservatism in the first place:

The belief that one must moderate and temper one’s message to win over new constituencies.

This is the formula of cucking. This is how the GOP ended up echoing all the beliefs of the Left, at first tactically, then later sincerely, making it just Leftism with tax cuts.

Appealing to the “eternal normie” is the same impulse that makes cuck Republicans insist that they need to appeal to Hispanics and women and gays and every other identity group (who will never respect them anyway). It’s also the same impulse that leads to regular Buckleyite purges, demanded by and cheered by the David Frums and Kristols and the rest.

(And of course, note that the Left NEVER does this. Its extremists NEVER EVER moderate their words, for fear of tarnishing the Democratic Party. Rather, they all push ever-further Leftwards, and the Dems silently approve or even cheer them on.)

In “taking over” the Republican party, the greatest danger to the Alt-Right is that it is taken over BY the same cuckservative impulses that have controlled the GOP for decades — due to the same temptation of maintaining power,

“Victory has defeated you,” as the man says. Let this not be the fate of the Alt-Right.

* Ari Ben Canaan: One doesn’t have to moderate to gain new followers, one just has to pursue the policy that got one followers in the first place. That was intellectual, respectable, White identitarianism that wasn’t concerned with LARPing as Nazis and ‘Children of the Sun’.

* Am I to take your username to indicate your (((ethnicity)))?

If so, then I reject anything you say on the basis that you have a conflict of interest.

None of your tribe could assess the Reich objectively. Moreover, anything your kind says it always performative — it’s tactically crafted to achieve your ends; always crafted to sound authoritative, but all actually just propaganda. (Like all those (((pundits))) who so persuasively asserted that Trump couldn’t win.)

If there’s any first step that whites need to do to take back control of their own destiny, it’s to stop listening to you. Because you cannot be trusted. And that’s not a conspiracy theory; it’s just observable fact.

* Ari: That’s all well and good. Be paranoid if you like. It won’t serve you well.

* It has served your people very, very well.

* Spencer must keep his frame now, but I suspect that deep inside he knows very well he fucked this one up on a epic scale, causing great damage for the movement and everybody who sticks his head out for this. The SPLC and ADL jerked off royally to that, having their wettest dreams come true. It was a severe lack of judgement and self-discipline on Richard’s side. Serious political leaders should at least have control about their strategies, and certainly not get carried away by any “exuberance”.

Move along now, but don’t celebrate this major mess with selfcongratulary “No excuses”-Hurrah-Fests. Just shut the fuck up now for a while and continue doing something useful, that will advance and improve the movement.

Stop hypno-masturbating yourselves into denying the glaringly obvious. Mindlessly screaming “cuck” at anyone who disagrees and hardcorier-than-thou-piss-contests won’t help either. Anyone who believes that sieg-heiling will win over any significant majority of normal white, decent people is simply retarded or should check his sense of reality. But I guess I forgot you got tired of winning already.

Expect a huge infiltration of the movement by provocateurs who make sure more of this happens soon. Dozens of retards and useful idiots playing the Stormfag or Tila Tequila will rush to blindly collaborate and will feel really edgy, uncucked, “ironic” or avantgarde about it and scream at everybody who disagrees again. It will be exactly those who can’t keep their mouths shut now about how cucked it is to criticise this cringeworthy slip. I predict all of this turning into a huge shit rapidly if those tendencies wont stop.

* The graphic elements of the “Nazi brand” can never be rehabilitated. This incident was three steps backwards and it was handed to Lugenpressee on a silver platter. Still, the people jumping ship ought to take a cue from the rabid leftists who never seem to grow tired: never concede, never break ranks. Lick the wounds, turn it around on them and move on.

* Thank you Spencer for seeing/linking my statement, and standing by everyone who did it in the conference, and myself in the pic, I knew you would. It’s a shame to see so many playing into the media’s hands. They will call white advocacy fascism no matter how many layers of reason or polish we give, so why not have fun with it? W/ Tila I thought it would be seen as a joke, though I still wouldn’t have personally posted it. As for the conference attendees who threw it up, I think they were just expressing youthful exuberance and the sort of gallows humor that comes from being hated by the mainstream.

Obviously we should reflect on whether or not these jokes hurt more than they help the cause, and I’ll probably follow your and others I respect’s lead on that.

I lean more toward the analysis that we’re going to have to rebuild the system rather than be accepted by it, but to see people falling apart over the first expression of that disagreement (which I believe is at the heart of this ‘controversy’) is saddening. Perhaps separating them out now is a silver-lining to all of this. To quote your Red Ice Radio interview, “Who the fuck is Mike Cernovich?”

* Yes, they will call us fascist (and Nazi, and White Supremacist) no matter what. But that is just name-calling. They are reduced to name-calling because they can’t respond to our arguments. That is a problem for them.

It stops being a problem for them and starts being a problem for us when we start actually acting like Nazis!

* Yea some people said me and others were subverters trying to kill the movement. I can only speak for myself in the photo w/ Tila, I thought it was campy and funny b/c of who she is, I wouldn’t have posted it, but still I accept whatever criticism people have to throw my way, and will respond as best I can, unless it’s to accusations that I’m trying to subvert a movement I care deeply for b/c that’s just not true.

I can’t speak for the people inside the conference, but I think it stems from youthful enthusiasm. This fight is the defining event of our lives, and different people will react to that fact in different ways. When you’ve been called nazis, had your livelihood threatened, and been derided by the entire mainstream, it creates a sort of gallows humor. Older people who have been dealing with it longer of course have a more measured, careful way of handling it, but plenty of us are still developing.

* I don’t trust you Jew, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Your actions managed to drag the Alt-Light kicking and screaming out of the shadows. A much needed split that helps us determine who the good guys are.

For that, you can be the last sent to Israel.

* The best thing about the alt right brand is that it acts like a WN ‘launch vehicle’ without being explicit about it. The more explicitly WN an outfit is, the more it seems to attract dumbass neo-nazi riff-raff.

* I was at the conference and had an amazing day — this is also the third NPI event I have attended. I grew up Jewish in the UK and on a diet of Monty Python humor. Back then and there, the kind of humor that was displayed at the end of conference was considered funny inside the Jewish community. It was considered funny, because it was funny.

The problem is that the culture has changed for the worse everywhere in the West. If conservatives are humorless that is part of the reason why and they have learned that jokes with racial overtones just get them into battles, so they are very cautious. I hope the alt Right never becomes like that, but one has to pick one’s battles.

Also, if run of the mill conservatives aren’t humorous, they are stand up comedians compared with the Left. And I am sure the journalists who covered this were Leftists to a fault and were just looking for something bad to say. Most of them were polite, except the NPR man, of course.

So now that NPI is famous and can turn out hundreds of people, I suppose it is in the nature of the beast that events are going to be a little less fun.

* No apologies, but no morons either. We need “normies.” Our ranks will grow only by recruiting them. Repulsing them over something as stupid as a penchant for Nazi symbolism will do nothing but ensure the alt-right becomes dead and long forgotten, along with everything we’re trying to defend.

* This statement is very disappointing.

You had a chance to take a step forward or take a step back.

You seem to be choosing the latter.

You said “No apologies.” But that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re saying “I’m sorry. And I promise it will never happen again.”

You should be saying “Sure. Lots of people in the Alt-Right like to give the Nationalist Salute. And now that we know how much it triggers you, expect to see more. Deal with it.”

We should be using this opportunity to lunge forward by posting photos and memes of people giving Roman/Bellamy/Nationalist Salutes everywhere on Twitter and social media until we normalize it.

We should especially be bombarding those memes to every journalist who is attacking the NPI Conference. That’s the precise tactic that we’ve used to launch the Alt-Right so far, so fast. — That’s the way we’ve attracted tens of thousands of young people to the movement.

This soft statement attracts no one — except for the (((enemy))), who now smells blood in the water.

* The problem is the neo-Nazis, neo-Fascist salute means the people doing it want to revive the movements of the first half of the 20th century that ended so badly for their nations and neighbours. No one but dumb thugs want that.

* You can try to rationalize failure and failed tactics until you’ve convinced yourself they work. But in the end that’s all you’ve really done—convinced yourself. People much smarter and more energized than you have claimed to be on the cusp of normalizing the Nazi angle for decades. They’ve all imploded under the weight of their own arrogance and vain ignorance. Your either learn from your mistakes and missteps or you don’t.

The Media doesn’t show well-rounded men and women giving reasonable arguments, insightful lectures, or handshakes and hugs. What they will go out of their way to show, however, are spitters, screamers, slobs, and Sieg-Heiling caricatures. There’s a reason The Media does the exact same thing over and over again. But you think by you doing the same thing over and over again you’re going to counter that? You think you’re going to normalize failure and contempt? That might work with a semantical attack on what “racist” actually means, but it will NEVER work with an attempt to normalize Nazis and Hitler fetishes. You are in occupied territory where the enemy controls just about every aspect of government, academia, finance and media. You do the same thing that failed miserably every single time before, and they’ll just accelerate faster and do the same thing that gave them success. Your supposed tactical brilliance somehow magically leapt over a mountain of logic and reason just to get to a place where you think your rhetoric will be safer.

In case you missed it, meet Mr. Mountain of Logic & Reason:

What you’re trying to “normalize” is FAILURE. Who wants to be a failure? Persistent and Perenial failures, that’s who doesn’t mind being a failure. That’s why you end up with a lot of malcontents, morons, socially retarded wimps, perverts and psychos. If I’m already a loser and dysfunctional outcast, then I might as well try to be a notorious loser and outcast.

You can spend hours and hours elucidating the most brilliant analysis of race, race relations and White survival. The Media can spend 1 fucking minute to neuter it with the right video clip and image. That’s the reality that controls society. They can make mistakes, lie, distort, cover things up, back up if things aren’t working and try again. Pro-White people don’t have that advantage. We have very, very little room for mistakes. Some people might only get one shot to make the right impression. That’s the world outside your door that everyone else has to live in. Not some fantasy world where meme warriors take over America and everyone is transformed into Nazi fanboys. Someone with a real job and career, a real family, and real investments in life can screw it all up very quickly if they listen to people like you. You can just go get a new screen name.

* Ari: Spencer, you may want to consider that irreverence and cheekiness can on occasion lead to severe tactical mistakes. The NPI conference was a chance for the Alt Right to tell normies what it was about on its own terms, not to tell cheeky and irreverent jokes that normies would mistake for Nazism and lunacy.

* I think this Salute thing will blow over, the Alt-Right is just that lovable and endearing.

* The success of this conference, combined with the assault from the Lugenpresse and various alt-lite faggots, has sealed Spencer’s status as the face of our movement. I can’t think of anyone any better.

* The most important thing for the hodgepodge calling itself the alt-right to do right now, is grow it’s ranks. This means reaching out to the “normies,” as they’re condescendingly called here. Spreading our message among them, showing them what our vision has to offer them, which is much. Alienating them right offhand with an affinity for what they already identify with all-that-is-evil (and which, often, their fathers/grandfathers/great grandfathers traded bullets with), will assure this doesn’t happen. Whatever other history or deeper meaning a “Roman salute” might have, if it’s counterproductive it’s best abandoned.

Also, terms like “normies” accomplish little except to make us sound like pretentious tools who desperately need to get over ourselves. Don’t think that hurts our message? The same attitude just cost Hillary Clinton what should have been a shoe-in election.

* Inclusion vs Exclusion. Suppose we use China as an example. What should be done?

Chinese should go with Exclusion. ‘Whitey, Blacky, and Hindu Exclusion Act’.

Especially because there is a huge shortage of women due to one-child policy abortions.

China needs every woman it has cuz so many men are bachelors.

Also, the main reason for foreign men coming to China is for the Vagina.

Chinese Policy should be ‘you no cum here’.

The Roman Empire and British Empire(and American Power) are good examples of how Inclusion can lead to the loss of the Power Mystique.

When a great power projects itself internationally, the world is awed by the power of its identity and unity. When Roman soldiers were mostly Roman and invaded other areas, the local folks were impressed and intimidated by Roman Power and Roman folks. Indeed, they were synonymous. Roman power was seen as powerful cuz Romans were seen as powerful, and Romans were seen as powerful cuz Roman power was seen as powerful.

Same with the British Empire. The British Military was mostly white even though it did also recruit locals like the Sikhs and other folks(though usually wisely segregated). Anyway, most locals and natives saw British Power as awesome cuz Brits were seen as awesome, and Brits were seen as awesome cuz British Power was seen as awesome. When identity and unity were the main factors of British Power, the British Empire was about white officials and white warriors of a great white power. So, the locals respected and feared white people and white power. They saw such as something special.

But what happened when the Roman Empire got inclusive and diverse? At some point, Romans began to recruit non-Roman locals for the Roman army. Gradually, these non-Romans learned to fight the Roman way. And fighting alongside the Romans, they began to realize that Romans were just human and nothing special. Indeed, they even realized that some of them, the non-Romans, were stronger and tougher than Romans. So, the Roman Power mystique was lost in the eyes of these non-Roman locals recruited into the Roman military.

With the inclusion of more and more non-Romans into the military, the Roman power expanded with more manpower, but the Roman Power Mystique began to fade. The non-Romans who fought in the Roman military came to see the Romans as just humans like any other. Once they realized this, they began to think that non-Romans could defeat the Romans if they organized the same way and used the same weapons.

That was the Roman Paradox. More inclusion and diversity made Roman Power bigger and stronger… but it led to decline in the Roman Power Mystique. After all, if a non-Roman soldier could be trained to fight just as well or even better than the Roman soldiers, what was so special about being a Roman?

So, even as Roman Empire grew and grew by taking on more local non-Roman soldiers, it lost more and more of its Roman mystique. If indeed the empire could be expanded and maintained by non-Roman soldiers in the Roman army, then there was nothing special about the Romans per se.

So, inclusion and diversity leads to increase of power in manpower and numbers, but it leads to the loss of power mystique for the core population. By the time the Roman Empire had grown very big with the recruitment of lots of non-Romans, the Core Roman polity and demography lost its mystique and prestige. If barbarian Germans and foreign Syrians could be Roman soldiers for the empire, what was so special about the Core Roman Folks?

And so, the empire began to crumble bit and bit and then totally collapsed. By the time the barbarians sacked Rome, there was no respect for the Roman folks.

But if we turn back the clock to the days of the Roman Republic, all non-Romans were in total awe of the true Romans who’d conquered them with superior organization and strategy. The non-Romans were impressed with the Power Mystique which seemed to radiate from every Roman soldier. They thought only Romans could possess Roman power and greatness.

We see the same thing with Europe and white folks. When Western Imperialism was about white soldiers conquering non-white lands, non-white folks were awed by white power. For them, white power was synonymous with white people, with white individuals. So, there was respect for white people as a whole. The natives saw white power as something unique and intrinsic to white folks with the guns and organization. So, there was fear, respect, and admiration.

But once Europeans got inclusive and allowed non-Europeans into the Western military and power structure, non-Europeans gradually came to see white folks as nothing special. After all, smarter non-whites noticed that there are plenty of less intelligent whites. And they realized that they could perform many of the white tasks just as well or even better than the white folks could. And blacks soon realized that they could beat whites in sports and fighting skills.

So, white people no longer seemed all that special to non-whites, and then White Power lost its mystique.

This was especially dangerous with Jews and blacks who have decisive advantages over whites in key areas. Jews discovered that they could outsmart and outperform whites in business and intellectual endeavors. So, Jews soon lost respect for the White Power Mystique in elite fields. And Negroes soon realized that they could out-run, out-jump, out-fight, and out-hump whitey(even with whitey women), and they soon lost all respect for the white race. Blacks just came to see white women as jungle-fever ‘ho’s’ and came to see white guys as ‘slow white boy’ and ‘fa**oty-ass cuck boys’.

The other races were less threatening to whites since Mexicans cannot beat whites in most endeavors. Same goes for Muslims. And even though diligent East Asians might outdo whites on tests and college admissions, their lack of spark and brilliance means taking a backseat to whites. Also, Asians were no athletic and sexual threat to whites.

Still, when whites lost the Power Mystique in being outdone by Jews and blacks, they lost the respect of the entire world. When whites had maintained a World of their Own and protected whiteness & white power at the top echelons of ideas, athletics, business, and sex, they were respected by the entire world. But when they lost to Jews and blacks, even non-Jewish and non-black folks all around the world came to see whites as nothing special and vulnerable. After all, if whites are so great, why do blacks routinely kick their ass and why do white women go with Negro men? And if whites are so great, why do they all kiss the ass of AIPAC and cuck out to Israel?

So, the ENTIRE world came to see the White World as a beached whale to gorge on.

So, if a people want to maintain the Power Mystique, they need to keep things exclusive.

After all, all great Japanese heroes of Japanese history were Japanese. The top warriors were Japanese since Japan was all Japanese. Consider Miyamoto Musashi. And all sumo wrestlers were Japanese.

But suppose Japan had allowed bigger whites and Negroes into the nation centuries ago. Then, the top warriors and athletes would have been non-Japanese, and there would have been no Japanese Power Mystique. Japanese would have been beaten by whites and blacks in warfare & sports and beaten by Jews in business and intellect.

After Japan allowed a bunch of big Hawaiians and Mongolians into Sumo, there is no more Japanese Power Mystique in the sport. Even though everyone knew long ago that non-Japanese could beat Japanese in sumo cuz they are bigger and stronger, the exclusiveness of the sport kept its Power Mystique entirely Japanese. But that has been lost.

This is why China needs to keep it all Chinese in China.

I wonder if proggies understand that their vision of a better society is predicated on the ‘exploitation’ of foreign workers, especially the Mexicans and other Meso-Americans and the Chinese/Southeast-Asians/Hindus.

Proggy idea of socio-economic improvement for Americans is TAX THE RICH MORE AND GIVE OUT MORE FREE STUFF.

Progs argue that the rich have gotten so rich over the years that they can afford to be taxed at much higher rates and offer more goodies to all Americans.

Maybe the proggies are right about this.

BUT, how did the globalist super-rich become so rich? Because they could outsource factories and jobs to other nations like China and Mexico. Because they could even outsource service jobs to India. And in those non-Western nations, there are almost no environmental laws, no labor protections, and etc. So, the workers can be treated like ants and drones. And since the workers don’t have to be paid much, the globalists have increased their profits by huge margins.

The progs who supported Hillary were for globalism. Even Bernie Sanders was more about “tax the rich more and give out more goodies” than “protect American jobs” or “do something for American workers”.

Sanders’ socialism isn’t about jobs but about goodies… like free college education for every lazy loser.

But the ONLY way such programs can be funded is by taxing the rich more. But then, i order for the rich to be super-rich enough to be taxed A LOT more, they need globalism to fatten their wallets. And globalism is profitable because Western companies can exploit dirt-cheap labor in other nations that have little use for environmental, legal, or labor protections.

So, proggy ‘socialism’ turns a blind eye to globalism’s exploitative aspects.

Naomi Klein is something of a nut, but she was honest enough to point out the ravages of globalism in non-western nations.

In contrast, most proggies are totally self-absorbed and myopic in their demands. They may be correct to complain that the Rich are not paying enough and could afford to pay a lot more so that Americans can get more goodies.

BUT they ignore the fact that the ONLY REASON why the rich have gotten so much richer is because globalism allows them to exploit foreign labor that has no protections.

It’s like proggies are similarly myopic about the Muslim issue. They just to virtue-signal as People of Compassion who lend a hand to all those ‘Syrian refugees’, but they completely(and even willfully) turn a blind eye to the fact that the refugee crisis is essentially the result of crazy Zionist-fueled US foreign policy that worked with psycho-Saudis to mess up the entire region with sanctions, wars, and shadow-support for Jihadis.

Current Proggism is like the moon. It is utterly unaware of the dark side of the moon.

But then, proggism is really selfish. It’s not like true socialism of the past where workers demanded better pay, conditions, and protections for their class as a whole.

Proggism of today is me-me-me-centric demand for more freebies to be paid for by the nanny state. And Proggism is for globalism because globalism makes it possible for the rich to become so very rich enough to be squeezed for more free stuff for the people.

Globalism is like this.

Suppose Robert has hired John for decent pay and benefits. But Robert can give the job to Ed for lower pay and benefits and keep more profits for himself.

Robert fires John and hires Ed, and his profits go up.

Now, John can complain not only that he no longer has a job but that Robert is exploiting Ed and keeping more profits for himself. It is win-win for Robert but lose-lose for John and Ed. John is out of job, and even though Ed has a job, he must work for pittance with no protections.

So, what is to be done?

John may demand that the job be returned to him. But Robert may argue that if the job is given back, John must accept Ed’s wages since Ed is willing to do the job for lower wages if John doesn’t want to.

John wants the job back but not for the pittance that Ed is getting.

Then a prog comes along and offers a solution. Robert will let Ed keep the job for very low pay, but he will share some of his loot with John or create some bogus make-work job for John that requires no real effort(like all those paper shuffling government jobs). This is win-win for Robert and John. Robert keeps making more profits by exploiting Ed, but now John gets some trickle-down stuff from Robert’s largess.

But what about Ed who must toil to enrich Robert and make things easy for John who lives on freebies provided by super-rich Robert?

Do proggies understand that their vision depends on total exploitation of the Developing World?

But then, the globalists will argue that Eds of the world have no reason to complain since they have some kind of job… whereas without globalism, they would have NO job. But is that really true?

This is why globalism isn’t sustainable in the long run… unless meso-americans, hindus, and Chinese want to work forever like ants so that the rich can get rich and rest can take it easy in the West.

* It will be amusing if Richard Spencer becomes the loveable celebrity
neo-Nazi that America learns to get comfortable with. He could appear
in ads, on all the late night talk shows and whatever game shows they
still have going on TV.

* Flippantly using Third Reich imagery or jokes works in one particular context.

When our enemies or their unwitting collaborators with religious-like seriousness put forth the Holocaust or Spielberg Nazis as a way of psychologically intimidating our people, puncturing that mind control technique with taboo-shattering humor is effective and appropriate.

It disarms our enemies because, straight off the bat, it shows their most time-proven weapon doesn’t work on us and so wrong-foots them. And it acts as a release for our own people who are still held mesmerized by such mind-control regimes. Mockery really is the best way to undermine and break the pall of a religion.

But this stance is only appropriate as a RESPONSE to their own over-the-top exaggerations.

The mistake is to think that adopting Nazi imagery is a witty or effective tool as a stand alone thing. The mistake is to think that what works as a return-fire, breaker of an illusion also works as a separate self-identifying brand.

* White Nationalism is at the heart of the Alt-Right. Identity is the core.

* Vox Day and Cernovich are lightweights. People like them are necessary too. But they don’t dig deep. Cernovich is in it for the game. He takes the style and superficial qualities of Alt Right to reach out to a wider audience. And Vox Day is more like a semi-celebrity.

Spencer could have gone this route: be the acceptable public face of Alt Right. But the danger is Bill Buckleyism. Buckley, to be acceptable, abandoned one rightist principle and theme after another. He even dropped Sobran and Buchanan and later purged Sullivan and Brimelow.

I’m glad Spencer didn’t take this route. Sure, he would be more appealing to the ‘normies’ and be more acceptable to MSM as the face of Alt Right.

But it’s a slippery slope of compromise.

This is why we need people like Cernovich and others to present what is for the time being a more acceptable face of Alt Right. People cannot be ‘red pilled’ overnight. They need to be softened up first. Instead of the castor oil of hard alt right, they need people like Cernovich as stool softener.

It’s like Sailer compared to Murray, Brooks, Douthat, and Noonan(and even Coulter).

One could argue that it was risky and reckless for Sailer to write the ‘notorious’ LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL article and others that got him essentially blacklisted from MSM. But SOMEONE had to write that stuff. Someone had to touch upon HBD without flinching and blinking first.

We need people like Brooks, Douthat, Murray, and Noonan as stool softeners, but we need the stronger ex-lax of Sailer too. Sailer may be banned from MSM but he does influence the stool softeners who read him.

Coulter got some ideas from him.

If you go for wider audience, you must soften your edge.

If you go for sharpened integrity, you lose the wider audience..

It’s like Spielberg made more money and gained a much bigger audience, but Kubrick made the more uncompromised and more provocative films.

Is there a way to be both? I guess Kurosawa came closest to fulfilling that ideal. Personal films with considerable popular appeal.

If you make a sword too hard, it cuts better but breaks easier.

If you make it too tough, it’s harder to break but it tends to dent and bend.

I hear samurai sword is special because tough metal in the interior is covered by sharp metal on the outside.

That blend of edgy and popular is difficult to achieve, esp in the age of PC.

I think maybe Norman Mailer came closest to fitting that bill since the 60s.

Mike Royko sometimes came close too. Writing funny but pushing buttons that many dared not press… though he got in trouble with the Mexicans over that.

Anyway, the path of integrity is materially and publicly less rewarding but intellectually more fulfilling. Also, there is more pride in the end.

It’s the difference between the Keatings and Roarks of the world.

* Now, I understand why so many people go the Keating route. They want some success and acceptance. They know they will be blacklisted if branded as ‘unacceptable’. Even Hispanic Rick Sanchez got axed permanently for speaking the truth about who runs the media.

I understand why Douthat can only go so far. And I understand why Murray has been trying to regain his footing after they burned him at the stake for Bell Curve. (But did the bald-headed fool have to go so far as ‘gay marriage’? I totally lost respect for him after that one.)

But the world needs some Roarks too. Their paths will be lonelier, but they stick to it out of principle and the conviction that truth shall prevail in the end.

And in the end, the principled outlast the opportunistic. It’s like Mozart outlasts Sailieri in AMADEUS even though Sailieri was the hit with the court.

Spencer is torn between Keating-ism and Roarkism. He wants to be out there as the face of the Alt Right. He wants to be the spokesman and messenger. He wants to be the Buckley of the Alt Right.

But he doesn’t want to fall into the Buckleyean-Keating trap. He wants to remain true to himself and his beliefs and visions.

And I must say the speech at NPI was powerful stuff. He laid it all out.

Anyone who heard the entire speech surely knows that Spencer’s message wasn’t some neo-Nazi diatribe.

Also, I think he liberated the ‘hail’ from its Nazi references. Sure, the media gave it the usual spin, but who cares? According to the media, even Sailer is an evil ‘racist’ who is totally irredeemable.

Now if Spencer had said ‘heil’, that would have been somewhat fishy. But it is time liberate ‘hail’ and other terms from the Bastille of PC.

We will say what we like, and there is no reason why we can’t hail people we admire and root for.

And don’t think for a moment that the media would be more fail to Spencer if he hadn’t said Hail.

To the media, ‘Let the good times roll’ is ‘bring back slavery’. Media are hysterical and phony.

But you say we need to reach out to the mainstream that is still not ready for harder stuff. Okay, I agree, and that’s why we have people like Cernovich and others. But those fellas will never venture beyond what is acceptable. They never come up with original ideas. Rather, they pick some ideas from people of stronger will & vision and soften them to win over a wider audience. They are genericists, and I see the utility of having such people. But they will always be peddlers of other people’s ideas.

Spencer’s speech threw down the gauntlet that he is on the Alt Right for real. He will remain the Vision guy. He is willing to become a pariah than soften his tune for more acceptance.

Spencer should know by now that there is no going back for him. No amount of apologies, backpeddling, or pleading will do him any good. The media put the mark of Cain on him. He has a nazi sign carved on his forehead like in INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. No matter what he does, MSM will always see him as an extremist.

But there is freedom in that since one is liberated from the temptation of approval and acceptance.

To the MSM, he is a ‘white supremacist’. He should just try to be a supreme whitist.

Sometimes the pariah is the last truly free man.

Spencer’s speech and the Alt Right movement are bigger than nazi trolling, and even the Hail thing was bigger than mere ‘nazi trollimg’… just like disco was bigger than Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Yes, spencer and those present understood its Nazi allusions, but it was also a way to signal that it is something much bigger. Spencer’s gesture liberated the Hail from the ghetto of Nazism.
Spencer was not trying to revive or even rehabilitate Nazism. He was signaling a willingness to move forward with the Western project going back to classical times that had been ghettoized in the Nazi trap by the Narrative, according to which anything ‘white’ is Nazi. To Ron Rosenbaum, even white bread and white turkey meat is blitzkrieg.

The hail thing was made notorious by the nazis but it much bigger and has a long history… and now a long future. It is time to liberate it from its ghetto.
After Japan lost the war, US authorities banned samurai films as militarist and feudal. But Japanese soon revived it as part of their heritage and culture. Just because the crazy militarists exploited bushido and warrior culture was np reason to ghetto-ize samurai culture as mere ‘militarism’.
Likewise, why should the Hail and Roman salute forever be ghettoized within 12 yrs of nazi history?

Trump himself did something similar when he quoted Mussolini. Lion for a day than sheep for life. Even if Mussolini said it, the sentiment is universal and shouldn’t be ghettoized as ‘fascist’.
Also, ‘America First’ has pro-Nazi connotations because some ‘isolationists’ did indeed favor the Germans. But Trump liberated the slogan to have new meaning in the 21st century.

We should democratize ‘hail’ and give it new life and meaning. Hail Derbyshire. Hail Reed. Hail Mercer. Hail Coulter. Hail Dinh. Hail Roberts. Hail Sailer. Hail Saker. Hail Marolis. Hail Buchanan.

When it comes to real problems with neo-Nazism, it’s not the salute or the hail.

It is that both Macdonald and Taylor have had ties with extremists. Now, how dignified was that? Taylor gave interview to Don Black of Stormfront. And Macdonald’s site featured the writings or rantings of Lasha Darkmoon, some philistine neo-nazi freakess.
Now, I’m willing to cut both of them slack because when you’re in the wilderness, you make common cause with fellow exiles and even radical types who may be of questionable views. This was true of Jews too. As political exiles, they made common cause with anarchists, communists, and terrorists. But then, Jews still play this game in some parts. Zionists are allied with extreme Wahabi Saudis and crazy Jihadis in the Middle East. And Neocons forged an alliance with even neo-nazis in Ukraine to undermine Russian influence in the region. Whenever and wherever you don’t have the dominant power, you feel compelled to form alliances with whoever is willing to work with you on the basis of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

Still, because of those associations, Macdonald and Taylor aren’t seen as ‘dignified’ figures by any stretch of the imagination by the MSM. But then, even without such associations they would be considered scandalous for their views and ideas.

Anyway, a new dawn awaits, and it calls for a different style and attitude than those held by the elders at the NPI meeting. The young turks or the young vandals of the movement will have to be savvier, nastier, more ‘radical’, and cleverer. It will have to intellectual mobile guerrilla warfare.
Fleet-footed, relentless, booby-trapped, unpredictable.

This NPI conference underscored what the younger people owe to the elders but also how a new path must be forged with new spirit and drive.

* …what the Daily Stormer, Right Stuff, troll army types don’t get: they’re not useful or helpful now. That’s just a fact, independent of who did what at the end of Spencer’s speech. A bunch of idiots trolling the media had their use during the election but not now.


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