Without Faith, There Are No Good Guys Nor Bad Guys In The Universe

Without faith in a transcendent source of morality, we’re all just different forms of live trying to survive and thrive.

In my 25 years in Jewish life, I don’t remember a rabbi, let alone a regular Jew, asking me what I believe about God (I believe in God in the traditional Jewish sense). Jews don’t tend to ask other people about their religious faith. Yet Jew, like every other group, can’t help lumping people into good guys and bad guys. That feels good. It is the human instinct to divide others into the categories of friend and enemy. This distinction is the basis of politics, notes Carl Schmitt.

All faith contains a large element of subjectivity otherwise it would be universally shared. So if you want to look at the world objectively, you have to dispense with faith and understand that there are various forms of life competing for scarce resources.

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