Ben Shapiro Vs The Alt-Right

Ben Shapiro says: “They want to destroy the Republican Party from within and take it over. They want the constitutional right destroyed. They actually hate the constitutional right more than they hate the left. They don’t actually hate the left. They think the left is wrong about racism but they don’t object to big government that takes care of people; rather, they think you should have special privileges if you’re of European descent. They want what they call “Christendom” protected from foreign bodies.”

Vox Day replies:

He’s also lying. Four times in six sentences.

We don’t want the constitutional right destroyed. We want them to come to their senses, stop relying on the magic words “muh Constitution”, and start defending the posterity that the Constitution was written to defend.
We don’t actually hate the constitutional right. We think they are misguided, outdated, and naive, but we don’t hate them. We expect them to join us one day.
We hate the Left. We know they will never join us and we look forward to relegating them to the ash heap of history. Therefore, we hate them more than the constitutional right, whom we don’t hate.
We do actually hate the Left.
And while many of us would prefer small government, we recognize that if we do not stop and reverse the invasion, the small government vs large government debate will be rendered moot, because all of the invading foreign bodies prefer large government.

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